SIG-Sauer X-Series

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A complete redesign and expansion of the previous series of semiautomatic competition handguns that included the X-Five and X-Six models, the new Sig Sauer X-Series can be considered as a complete competition platform system, now including a new 4.4"-length barreled model (the same length of the standard P226 handgun), the X-Short, to the line in addition to the redesigned X-Five and X-Six models, featuring respectively a 5”and 6” barrel.

SIG-Sauer Xseries
The SIG-Sauer X-Five match pistol

Sport shooters who are active in different disciplines will certainly be pleased: the X-series includes nine base handgun models,  seven specific purpose models featuring specially accessorized configurations, and 20 modular accessories; all the handguns are available chambered in either 9mm or .40S&W.

All X-series models feature restyled slides, Hogue custom made grips, frames with magwells prepared for jet funnels, a true 1913 Picatinny compliant rail equipped dust cover, and a proprietary interface for match grade adjustable sights; other features available on select models include adjustable Match triggers and Hogue machined G10 (a material made of glass woven fabric impregnated with an epoxy resin binder) competition grips.

SIG-Sauer Xseries
The dust cover is equipped with a 1913 Picatinny rail featuring a proprietary "assembly spot" for the X-Mount

Every X-Series handgun except one model is equipped with a Single-Action Only trigger system, while  the X-Five Allround model features the classic SIG Double-Action/Single-Action (DA/SA) trigger system.

All X-Series pistols are based upon one of three basic models, the brand new 4.4″ barrel X-Short model, the 5″ barrel X-Five, and the 6″ barrel X-Six.

Each of these basic models has three variations: the X-Line Classic, the  X-Line Match and the X-Line Super Match. All variations have an Aluminum jetfunnel, Black control parts and a Magazine extension.

SIG-Sauer Xseries
All X-series models feature magwells prepared for jet funnels, which are available in Aluminum or black Polymer
SIG-Sauer Xseries
The sights on the X-Series pistols can be easily exchanged with LPA or TR2 adjustable sights or with other accessories

The X-Line Classic features ergonomic walnut grips, LPA  adjustable sights, and a Standard magazine catch; the  X-Line Match sports Laminated black wooden grip plates with Stainless steel screws, a Sport magazine catch, LPA  adjustable sights, and Skeletonized hammer & trigger.

the X-Line Super Match, to the above additionally features X-Line G 10 Ergo Grips with Stainless steel screws, a Skeletonized hammer, TR2 adjustable sights, Straight match trigger and a Sport take down lever.

SIG-Sauer Xseries
The X-Five mount adapter plates for specific optical collimators such as Aimpoint, C-More and Docter, or Sig Sauer's own Mini Red Dot. Note the Ambi Slide Racker in lieu of the slide mounted sight and the proprietary muzzle compensator; together with the Xmount, they are included in the X-Five Open model
SIG-Sauer Xseries
The SIG-Sauer X-Press entry-level model

The seven specific purpose models, in addition to the ones mentioned, are the Xpress, the X-Five All Round, The X-Five SO and the X-Five SAO, the X-Five Open, X-Six PPC Open and X-Six PPC.

The XPress is a very basic entry-level handgun, that can be eventually upgraded later using many of the available accessories; it features all standard parts manufactured using MIM, a Sport sight on an adapter plate, a Simplyfied spring system for the safety lever and the standard  SAO trigger system.

SIG-Sauer Xseries
The SIG-Sauer X-Five Allround model
SIG-Sauer Xseries
The SIG-Sauer X-Five SO model

The X-Five Allround is designed to match the requirements on many different shooting associations and competitions (BDS, IPSC, Bianchi, BDMP), and features Sport parts, Black laminated wooden grip plates, and specific sights.

The X-Five SO and the X-Five SAO (the difference is in the frame material, steel for the SO and Alloy for the SAO) feature non-adjustable triggers  and a configuration to satisfy the Police and Service Pistol competition rules of the BDMP (Bund der Militar- und Polizeischutzen e.V ).

SIG-Sauer Xseries
The SIG-Sauer X-Five Open model
SIG-Sauer Xseries
The SIG-Sauer X-Six PPC Highmaster model

The highly customized and accessorized Sig Sauer X-Five Open, X-Six PPC Open and X-Six PPC pistols are similarly designed to meet specific Federation and competition regulations.

Modularity counts:  the SIG Sauer X-series pistols allow changes with a few hand movements to be ready for IPSC Production Class as well as for the use as high grade race gun; a complete program of 20 original SIG Sauer accessories are available to customize the purchased handgun, although some of them are model specific.

SIG-Sauer Xseries
9mm and .40 S&W conversion kits for all pistols are available for all X-Series pistols, and they include a slide, barrel, mainspring and sights set. Soon a .22 LR conversion will be also available

The newly designed X-jetfunnel to improve and speed up magazine change is offered in both alloy and black polymer; the Polymer jetfunnel also sports a lanyard attachment hole. Also available, two optics X-Mount Bridge kits, that interface with the Picatinny rail on the dust cover, and mate with the proprietary X-Mount “assembly spot”. The standard Picatinny rail on top of the X-Mount Bridge kit can be replaced with optional, optic-specific mounts (Aimpoint, C-More and Docter).

Sights are also available in a number of variations; In regards to the rear sight, the proprietary interface on the slide allows the easy exchange of either fixed or adjustable iron sight, or no sight but slide racker, with just a screw driver. The slide racker is also a clever construction: without tools, the shooter can switch from right hand to left hand use.

In addition to the mentioned accessories, Sig Sauer also offers enlarged versions of the walnut and Black Laminate grips, “red dot” optical Reflex collimator sights  to be mounted on the X-Mount rail, longer high capacity magazines, muzzle weights and compensators.

The new Sig-Sauer X-Series promotional video

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The SIG Sauer X-series Classic and Match main models are already available with all three barrel variations, also available are the Allround and Xpress sub models. The other variations will be introduced to the market and in the hands of your trusted gun dealer within April.