SIG Sauer introduces the 10mm P320-XTEN COMP: the “Big Ten” in a compact package

SIS Sauer keeps pumping out new products with the 10mm P320-XTEN COMP, a compact and powerful striker-fired pistol designed to tame the “Big Ten”. 

The new P320-XTEN COMP features a ported slide and 3.8”/965 mm bull barrel. Magazine capacity is 15 rounds.

SIG Sauer presented the full-size P320-XTEN in 10mm, the most powerful P320 ever built, in mid-2022. In a carry-size package (overall length is 193 mm), the P320-XTEN COMP now promises to “deliver significant recoil mitigation without sacrificing the power of 10mm required for the backcountry”.

Designed with hunters and hikers in mind, the gun is built around the 10mm/45 ACP polymer grip module for all-around easier backcountry with full size capacity (15+1 rounds). Thanks to its ported slide and bull barrel, SIG also claims that the P320-XTEN COMP delivers a 20% recoil reduction, bringing with it “the exceptional accuracy and durability that are the hallmark of the P320 and XSERIES pistols.” 

SIG Sauer P320-XTEN COMP video introduction


According to SIG Sauer, the single port compensator integrated into the slide of the P320-XTEN COMP delivers a 20% recoil reduction.

The first carry-length P320-XTEN COMP slide actually has the equivalent length of a 4.25” barrel P320 but is instead equipped with a single port compensator integrated into the slide and paired with a 3.8”/965 mm bull barrel. Slide is nitron finished. Besides that, the latest pistol from SIG Sauer features an XSeries Flat Trigger with 90-degree break, the typical XSeries deep trigger undercut, and XRAY 3 Day/Night Sights, plus front and rear serrations and a PRO Optic-Ready footprint. The pistol is optimized for use with the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMOE2 and ROMEO-X Pro red dot sights.

The P320-XTEN COMP ships with two 15-round steel magazines and carries a price tag of $949.99 in the U.S.

As a side note, it must be stressed that the 10mm P320-XTEN COMP is not compatible with 9/357/40 caliber parts and accessories. Only .45 and 10mm parts and accessories are compatible with this model. 

SIG Sauer P320-XTEN COMP specs and price

Barrel Length: 
3.8”/965 mm
Overall Length: 
7.6”/193 mm
Overall Height: 
5.6”/142 mm
Overall Width: 
1.4”/36 mm
Sight Radius: 

5.7”/145 mm

Weight (w/Magazine): 
32.3 oz/916 g
Price (MSRP in the U.S.): 
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