Ridge-Lite: from Tactical Solutions a barrel upgrade for S&W Victory pistols

From Tactical Solutions, the Ridge-Lite Barrel Upgrade is designed to replace the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Pistol factory barrel to reduce weight, increase accuracy, and enhance reliability. The upgrade consists in a barrel with integrated Picatinny rail (for mounting optics and other accessories). The one-piece barrel and rail are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and the can be easily installed on any .22 LR S&W Victory pistol. 

Tactical Solutions Ridge-Lite: to enhance shooting experience

Ridge-Lite from Tactical Solutions barrel upgrade for .22 LR S&W Victory pistol.
The barrel and rail are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and the can be easily installed on any .22 LR S&W Victory pistol.

Tactical Solution claims that its Ridge-Lite is an “effective way to enhance your shooting experience with no gunsmithing required”. As explained by Tactical Solution’s CEO Darin Strickler, ”The Ridge-Lite design provides an innovative superior sight and optic mounting solution and the barrel comes standard with an aluminum one-piece cantilever rail and adjustable fiber optic sights.”  The 6 in long / 152 mm barrel also features a stainless steel shank and a match-grade steel bore. It comes standard with a 1/2” X 28 threaded end.  All this for a weight of just 8.0 oz / 226 g - which explains the ”Lite” in the name. 

Ridge-Lite barrel upgrade for S&W Victory pistols
The Ridge-Lite is a one-piece design that includes a 6-in barrel and a Picatinny rail.

The price is 355 USD. Colors available are matte black with matte black flutes or gun metal gray with gun metal gray flutes (not available for purchase on line). Special colors are available with a special order fee of 100 USD. The Ridge-Lite can be already ordered.

Tactical Solutions Ridge-Lite: technical data

Ridge-Lite Barrel Upgrade
Barrel length: 
6 in / 152 mm
8 oz / 226 g
6061-T6 aluminum (barrel and rail), stainless steel (shank), steel (liner)
355 USD 

For more information please visit Tactical Solutions website