Sensation: Lüke Group takes over majority shares at GSG

The owners of the L&O Group are Mssrs. Michael Lüke and Thomas Ortmeier. Leading gun manufacturers Blaser Jagdwaffen, Mauser Jagdwaffen, J.P. Sauer & Sohn, John Rigby, and SIG SAUER are amongst the L&O Group shareholders, an international industrial holding company. 

At the GSG offices, CEOs Dietmar Emde, Manfred Nienhaus, and Michael Swoboda will continue to be responsible for GSG business operations as managing shareholders. The L&O Group and GSG already have a long-term partnership; GSG in particular has been an important strategic supplier to SIG SAUER in the USA for many years. In the past few years, GSG has developed excellently under the leadership of Mssrs. Emde, Nienhaus, and Swoboda. Profits and turnover have continuously increased by large margins and the product range has continued to expand.      

The L&O Group has secured supply in the mass manufacturing of the .22 calibre firearm from the majority takeover which has now occurred. The objective is to continue to jointly develop the GSG business. Considerable growth potential will be seen especially in the use of the L&O Group brand portfolios, in particular with the brands "SIG SAUER," "Blaser," "Mauser," and J.P. Sauer & Sohn." An acceleration of business trade is also intended. The GSG will continue to focus on sales in the US market, although considerable growth potential will also be seen in other regions worldwide.


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A very interesting and surprising development. GSG first recorded IWA growth trends by taking over distribution of outdoor products by Highlander and tactical equipment by Pro-Force.

The new GSG management
The new GSG management (from left to right): Thorsten Fischer (L&O Group) Wolfgang Börtz (L&O Group) Michael Swoboda (GSG) Michael Lüke (L&O Group) Dietmar Emde (GSG) Manfred Nienhaus (GSG) Thomas Ortmeier (L&O Group)

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