German Sport Guns 2013 New Products

German Sport Guns GSG-922 standard and "AD-Ops" pistols

The German company that quickly gained a reputation in the past years for its line of .22 Long Rifle rimfire replicas of famous handguns and military firearms, expanded this year its product line with a new pistol, dubbed the GSG-922, which is nothing more, nothing less than a compact, and somewhat improved, version of its previous GSG-1911 models. The GSG-922 is a single-action pistol that replicates in full the controls configuration of the original M1911-A1 pistol, although it features a skeletonized trigger and hammer, a railed frame, an ambidextrous safety switch, and high-visiblity "match"-type sights. The slide features front serrations to allow quick chamber checks, and the single-stack magazine holds ten rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammunition. The GSG-922 is available in the 3.2-inch barrel "Standard" configuration and in the "AD-OPS" variant, which features an extremely long barrel whose protruding part is masked with a plastic shroud to imitate the cosmetic appearence of a sound suppressor.