German Sport Guns GSG 9-22

The GSG - German Sport Guns GmbH is now well known worldwide as a high-grade manufacturer of sporting guns. Originally born a few years ago as a design and manufacturing company for airguns and airsoft replicas, working together with other well-known companies such as UMAREX, GSG shortly gained the required know-how and industrial capabilities to "go independent" and launch a line of rimfire guns for sports shooters.

Currently GSG - German Sport Guns offers semi-automatic, rimfire rifles, carbines and pistols for the worldwide civilian shooters, mostly based upon the look and feel of many commonly known military firearms, although sharing no technical features with them. All GSG firearms are solely semi-automatic in nature, all are blowback-operated, and all fire the .22 Long Rifle cartridge; GSG currently offers the GSG-522 series of pistols and carbines, aesthetically based upon the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machineguns, commonly used by military and police Special Forces worldwide; the GSG-AK47 rifles, built to look like the in-famous Kalashnikov assault rifle; and the GSG-1911 line of semi-automatic target pistols. In the past two years, German Sport Guns also launched a line of rimfire plinkers based upon original German designs dating back to World War II, including thr GSG-StG44, a rimfire replica of the Sturmgewehr Mp44; and the prototype GSG-Mp40, a sporting lookalike of the so-called "Schmeisser" Mp40, the quintessential German sub-machinegun of WW2, which will only enter production next year.

German Sport Guns' latest distribution-grade gun, now fully in production and already available for sales, is the GSG 9-22 semi-automatic handgun, their latest incarnation of the 1911-style pistol design. A semi-automatic, blowback-operated, single-action pistol, the GSG 9-22 features through a detachable single-stack ten-rounds magazine, and sports a ZAMAK-5 zinc alloy frame with polymer grip panels and MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rail for accessories as well as skeletonized trigger and hammer, extended beavertail, ambidextrous manual safety, high visibility front and rear sights, and front slide serrations for easier chamber check. The GSG 9-22 is 7-inches long overall and features a 3.¾-inch barrel. Price and availability differ from Country to Country and depends from local laws and regulations, restrictions, custom fees, taxes, and distributors'/retailers' policies; the final price tag should however be extremely cheap for such a high-quality product, just like all other GSG products.