Gamo PT85 Blowback

Known for its rich catalog of products placed on different price, quality and performance ranges, and, thus, perfectly able to virtually meet the needs of each compressed air enthusiast, the Spanish GAMO has, for several years, produced a line of CO² powered 4.5 mm cal. handguns with a design derived from the most famous and renowned firearms on the market: just think of the PT80, that looks like the Beretta “Cougar”, or the PT90, cosmetically derived from the Heckler & Koch USP.

GAMO used the experience gained in createing and added a good dose of its typical inspiration to design its latest compressed air gun, which was designed for both recreational shooting and training and that has a  high degree of authenticity with regard to the aesthetic lines. Called the PT85 “Blowback”, the new GAMO is created after a specific contract in Japan with a few companies that are very experienced in producing soft-air replicasa and weapons with modest offensive capabilities: this factor alone shows how the Spanish company wanted to instill that "something" extra in this new product that distinguishes the "flagships" or top models of every respectful company.

The GAMO PT-85 “Blowback” is powered by a simple CO² spray can, which is commonly found on the market, while the 4.5mm-calibre pellets are contained in a double cylinder with a capacity of sixteen shots. The gun owns its name to the “blowback” effect, the backward movement of the barrel (metallic) upon departure of the shot, which instills a sense of realism and, therefore, makes it more than adequate for training.

The GAMO PT-85 “Blowback” is available in various colors and the basic version uses an 11-centimeter steel barrel, with scored core, and has an overall length of twenty centimeters and weight of seven hundred fifty grams; the model uses a manual safety latch, and an energy level at the opening less than 7.5 Joules allows for free sales. On the other hand, another variant, the PT-85 “Tactical”, has a long barrel with hard plastic coupling that simulates the appearance of a silencer, a red point optic, tactic type torch and a GAMO/BSA label laser gun sight.