Bignami: new products

Among the revolver, the stand Bignami starring the new Smith & Wesson Governor revolver.

Lightweight, and versatile, the Governor can shoot three different calibers in the six rooms of the drum, to allow the shooter to vary the ammunition, according to requirements.

The gauges can be used in the new Smith & Wesson Governor revolver are the .410 cartridge case with 2 ½, the .45 Long Colt and .45 ACP. The compact, rugged revolver its conquest of the curiosity of visitors who stop to admire this gun performs very well. The main features of the viewfinder are Governor revolver tritium, which helps target acquisition in low light conditions, a lightweight chassis, but strong because of scandium enriched, Houge rubber grip and the lunettes by 6 shots and 2 shots series. The new Smith & Wesson Governor, authentic evidence of the legendary tradition of the American manufacturer of revolvers for nearly 160 years, promises high performance and outstanding reliability.