The CZ 83 pistol is the evolution of a Czechoslovakian project in the early '80s, which included the launch of the Vz. 82.

Unlike the military, the CZ 83 has the most elegant finishes and a greater availability of calibers ranging from 9x18 mm to 9 mm Browning up to 7.65 mm Browning (.32 ACP).

The choice by the CZ to produce the model 83 in these caliber variants is due to the need to conquer new market space in Europe and America.

The CZ 83 is a gun that uses a system of fleeting mass locking with fixed barrel tied to the frame and recoil spring installed around the chimney. This system makes it easier for the operations which it is intended the gun.

The fixed barrel also ensures high accuracy and features striking techniques such as chrome plating and internal linings type polygonal-style Glock.

The dismantling system provides the trigger guard, which in its part front, ensures the link between stem and slide.

The slide has the characteristic shape of the closed semi-automatic in moderate caliber and presents an appendage external elastic that works on the extraction of the cartridge case from the chamber. The percussion happens thanks to a classic striker inertial commanded by a hammer, which has a very pronounced ridge and with projections votes to make it easy to grip and the drive through the tip of the thumb.

The shape of the grips black plastic, it is quite essential and very reminiscent of the destination military weapon. The trigger system of the CZ 83 provides for mixed single and double action, while the safety is entrusted to a classic manual safety to your basket (as well as the ambidextrous magazine release button): it’s possible to the safe with the hammer reinforced to allow the port cocked and locked. The sights consist of notch and post type combat with three white dots, with the notch fit into a dovetail front sight and a place where the blockage of the Appendix is ​​taken by a roll pin hole.

With a total length of 172 mm and 800 grams of weight, the CZ 83 pistol is preparing to conquer new markets and new fans who will not be disappointed by its performance.