Caracal 2013 New Products

Caracal International LLC., the UAE-based company owned by the Tawazun Holding and itself owning several smaller manufacturing realities in Europe, has been announcing additions to its pistol platforms in several calibers ever since the Caracal F and Caracal C pistols were first showcased, back in 2007. Now, the first .40 Smith & Wesson CARACAL F pistol is finally here, and ready for mass distribution. Exception made for the caliber − and a lower magazine capacity, standing at 12 rounds overall − the .40-caliber CARACAL F variant differs very little from the earlier 9mm version; dimensions remain the same, although the .40 Smith & Wesson model will also feature front slide serrations and a different hold-open release lever, to comply with the requests of those who blamed the earlier design to have edges too sharp and prone to cause injuries to the shooters.

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