Arsenal Firearms Strike One finally arrives in USA!


Arsenal Firearms of Italy has created the most innovative, most advanced, and most revolutionary firearms ever made. The Strike One is the most anticipated and sought after semi-automatic pistol to ever be imported to the U.S. In 2012, it was introduced to the world scene and finally approved by the BATFE in June 2014. 

It is the fastest, most controllable, most accurate, most durable, hardest hitting pistol on the planet.  It has the quickest target acquisition, the lowest recoil, and the least amount of muzzle rise of any semi-automatic pistol ever created. 

The Strike One is now available in 9mm. In early 2015, it will be available in 40 S&W followed by 357 SIG. Arsenal Firearm’s flagship pistol, the AF-2011, is also available for purchase in the United States.  

This is the world’s first and only double barrel pistol with both barrels firing simultaneously. It was built on the original COLT-A1 1911 frame and is available in 38 special and 45ACP. This amazing pistol fires 16 rounds in just under three seconds.

A strategic alliance has been formed between Arsenal Firearms of Italy and its new importer and distributor of record, Tony’s Custom Creations (TCC) International Firearm Corporation (IFC) in Oklahoma City, OK. TCC and IFC were created and founded by Tony Mussatto to import, distribute, and market Italy’s most innovative, most advanced, and most revolutionary firearms ever made.  

We are strategically located in Oklahoma City in order to provide nation-wide distribution. We are in the process of going through dealer applications from all over the United States and hand selecting the companies that will become Authorized Arsenal Firearms Dealers. 

IFC is not only the distributor for all products and firearms from Arsenal Firearms, we are also the national warranty center and custom shop. This gives us the ability to provide our dealers and customers the quickest and most efficient service. We offer expert repair, quick turnaround times and an incredibly large variety of customization for all weapons from Arsenal Firearms.  

Finally, a U.S. firearms distributor that puts customer service as its primary focus while providing the U.S. with the most revolutionary firearms ever manufactured. There are few active firearm importers in the United States, and none that have been created, built, and designed to do what IFC is able to accomplish. 

We are as innovative, as advanced, and as revolutionary as the firearms we import.  It is this level of distinction, through an unsurpassed drive for excellence, and the ability to provide unimaginable customer service, that will start the modern-day “American Firearm Revolution.”  Check out the Strike One and join the revolution!

To find out more information or to purchase an Arsenal Firearms of Italy product, please visit or call toll free 1-844-IFC-GUNS (437-4787)