Arsenal Firearms Strike One pistol reaches U.S.A.

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Arsenal Firearms announces that the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has approved the AF-1 Strike One semiautomatic pistol for imports in the United States of America.

The high performance pistol will therefore soon start shipping to the USA also. Arsenal Firearms, in fact, through International Firearm Corporation, will soon start selecting Authorized Arsenal Dealers across the United States.

Arsenal Firearms AF-1 Strike One pistol
The Arsenal Firearms AF-1 Strike One pistol in three basic color variants
Arsenal Firearms AF-1 Strike One pistol
The Strike One semiautomatic pistol is a true performer in basically all shooting conditions

International Firearm Corporation’s new shipment of AF-2011’s and the highly anticipated AF-1 Strike One in 9mm is expected by September 2014.

All Arsenal Firearms products and accessories will be channeled to the US market via the newly consolidated partnership with Mr. Raymond “Tony” Mussatto, owner and CEO of Tony’s Custom Creations LLC and International Firearm Corporation (IFC)

Both companies are located in Oklahoma City (OK), an ideal city as it is strategically and centrally located in the United States. This location will allow for great flexibility in distribution and service to all parts of the U.S. of America, to great satisfaction of all dealers and end customers.

Internationl Firearms Corporation
Logo of International Firearm Corporation, the company that imports the Arsenal Firearms AF-1 Strike One pistol in the United States of America

Tony’s Custom Creations and International Firearm Corporation will also act in total synergy and tight contact with Arsenal Firearms of Italy as a warranty service center while also providing spare parts and accessories.

International Firearm Corporation (IFC) will also be Arsenal Firearms' U.S. custom shop for all firearms imported to the United States. IFC will offer specialty accessories, engraving capability, and an exclusive line of AF products.

After Europe, “change” is now coming to the United States of America!



For more information, please contact:

International Firearm Corporation in Oklahoma City (OK)


or call 405-642-9975, or 405-642-2394.

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