Swarovski 2013 New Products

The new Swarovski STX and ATX spotting scopes both feature high end optics, ergonomic controls and an innovative and clever modular design.

The ATX angled eyepiece module and the 65 mm, 85 mm and 95 mm objective modules have been available since autumn 2012, while the STX eyepiece module has been on sale since the end of January. This modular design allows the user to to make the right choice based on the appropriate objective lens diameter, independent of personal preferences and situations. Two proprietary Swarovski digiscoping adapters are available for the ATX/STX spotting scopes: the TLS APO Telefoto Lens System Apochromat for digital SLR cameras, and the DCB II digital camera base for compact cameras, allowing the user to switch easily between observation and photography.

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