Leica 2013 New Products

Leica Camera AG presents a new line of riflescopes at IWA 2013, the ER-i. Offered in two magnification ranges, the ER-i 2.5–10 × 42 and the ER-i 3–12 × 50 both feature a sharp illuminated dot in the reticle conceived to improve safe hunting in dark ambient light conditions. The brightness can be finely adjusted, and the reticle turns off to save power when the riflescope is canted to the side or vertically propped, i.e. on a gun rack; this feature was invented by Leica and previously was only available on the Magnus riflescopes. Other features include a 10cm eye relief, AcquaDura coating on all exposed glass sufaces, nitrogen filling, and the option to choose from two reticles, a 4a or a ballistic pattern. The Leica ER-i should be available beginning in May 2013.