Redring viewfinder
Right side view of the new optical viewfinder Redring: it is designed for shotguns

From Sweden arrived the new Redring, an optic that suits both for recreational use, whether for hunting, since it has been designed to be installed on overlapping and semi-automatic. Redring allows the shooter to shoot with both eyes open, increasing the perception of the ambient surrounding and helping the identification of the target faster. An important feature is the absence of parallax: what you see in the circle is equivalent to the image of the target.

Redring has the integrated system called "spot metering", which reads the background light to a diameter equal to twice the diameter of the circle. An integrated processor adjusts the intensity at the moment of the circle. The spot provides a great advantage to the shooter in every condition of hunting with changes of lights. The intensity of the circle can also be adjusted manually. Another characteristic of the rangefinder Redring is: the size of the circle on the target is equivalent to a pinkish of 60 cm to 20 meters. This gives the shooter an immediate indication if the target is within range or if it is too far away for a shot safe.

The Redring can be connected to a PC via USB cable to charge personal statistics, select Advanced Features and receive regular updates of the software manufacturer.