Leica Magnus

Leica Magnus 2.4 - 16x5
The ballistic turret of the new riflescope Leica Magnus 2.4 - 16x5: no click is lost


At the 2013 EXA Leica exposes one of the highest performing rifle scopes in its class: the Leica Magnus 2.4 - 16x56, an hunting optics with outstanding optical performance and mechanical infallible and very versatile, lending itself to the search, to the shooting long and at twilight. What distinguishes the Leica Magnus 2.4 - 16x56 compared to its competitors is the internal mechanism that makes this point very reliable and robust. The lattices of the series Magnus are on the second focal plane, provided with central point illuminated adjustable in 60 levels of intensity. Differentiated between day and night. The dimensions of coverage are designed for 'use in the field of hunting, very thin for not cover too much of the target even at long distances, but thick enough to allow the aims at twilight, even with the lighting system switched off. The reticle Leica L-3d as an abutment is designed to give the minimum reference horizontal and vertical to center the target in shooting in motion, leaving free the visual field. The ballistic turret, entirely the metal to always take each click, is quick and easy to adjust and is equipped with a release system to prevent inadvertent operation: opening it and observing its interior, one understands the extraordinary care and precision that the Leica has designed its conception, with a view to create robust, versatile and efficient.