Nightforce NX8 riflescopes: 5 new models for 2020 are out now

Nightforce is a US optics manufacturer based in Orofino, a small town in Idaho. Over the years this dynamic company has been appreciated by sports and professional shooters for the excellent quality of its products. The secret is the extreme care with which the telescopes are designed and manufactured. Even the most apparently insignificant detail is taken care of, down to the smallest detail. An example? The spring that maintains pressure on the elevation and windage turrets spends two weeks in a polishing unit before becoming part of a Nightforce scope to ensure that there are no rough spots or burrs that interfere with perfectly smooth operation. Isn't that enough? The screw that controls elevation adjustments is threaded with an incredible 110 threads per inch. It's so precise that it have to be mated to its receiver by hand. Before being shipped to a customer, each Nightforce scope is fully inspected and checked at 70 to 130 different points, depending on the model. A sequence of tests is performed, including forward impact, side impact, and resolution integrity.

2020 lineup: all models of Nightforce NX8 Series riflescopes

Nightforce NX8 riflescope 2.5-20x50 version
The new Nightforce NX8 riflescope, here in the 2.5-20x50 version, a true all-rounder for sports shooting. 

Nightforce's new NX8 line consists of five models, all with 8X magnification and 30mm main tube. The NX8 1-8X24 F1 model is a lightweight and compact scope, optimized for short and medium ranges and for use on "black rifles". Thanks to the central red dot visible even in broad daylight, the shooter can engage targets with a speed similar to that allowed by a red dot sight, but as the distance to the target increases, the FC-Mil and FC-MOA smart reticles in the first focal plane provide very precise hold points.

Side view of the Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 F2 riflescope
Side view of the Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 F2 riflescope.  The zoom adjustment ring features a power throw lever for easy of operation.

Moving up in magnification we find the NX8 2.5-20x50 F1 with first focal plane reticle. This scope makes versatility its forte, being able to adapt to medium and long shooting ranges. The Digillum-illuminated reticle can be adjusted in MOA or milliradians and switches off automatically after one hour of inactivity. Turrets can be easily reset with the Zero Stop system and overall size remains compact for an 8X, with a length of 305 mm and a weight of 802 grams. The NX8 2.5-20x50 F2 version is distinguished exclusively by the reticle on the second image plane.

The same is true for the NX8 4-32x50 F1, which has the reticle on the first focal plane, while the NX8 4-32x50 F2 version has it on the second focal plane. In any case, this riflescope is at the top with its zoom level and, at the maximum magnification, allows you to engage small targets at extreme ranges with superb resolution and clarity. The Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 features side parallax adjustment, resettable turrets and Digillum reticle illumination system. The adjustment of the point of impact is ¼ MOA or 1 MRAD per click. The length of the scope is 340 mm for a weight of 811 grams.

Being products of the highest quality, Nightforce riflescopes come at a price, starting from 2669 euros for the NX8 1-8X24 F1 model up to 3339 euros for the NX8 4-32x50 model (prices may vary in your country).

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Further information about Nightforce scopes can be found on the Nightforce website.

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