U.S. Senate blocks tightened gun laws

A bad day for Barack Obama, a good day for freedom and US-gun-owners. Only a month after the first bill to ban military-style rifles was said to have low to no chances to pass, it was cancelled yesterday along with other bills like the expanded background checks that addressed the gunshow loophole and made background checks mandatory for every gun buyer. 60 out of 100 senators gave the bill their “nay”. The president was not amused: “This is a shameful day for Washington”. Even worse: 4 democratic senators also voted against the bill. 

A note from the Editor:

Off course not only US-gun-owners will be happy reading these news, but also those from across Europe. “We” know how it feels to be afraid  before every single election because it could bring tightened gun laws.

But a lot of people across Europe don’t understand it. For them, the US is divided into two different kinds of people: a huge majority of law-abiding citizens (who, of course, dislike firearms) and a small minority of gun-wielding rednecks, backed by a big, omnipotent gun-lobby, destroying the bills of a white-knight-Obama who just wants to protect the world from “evil” guns.

People who think like this, make one big mistake: they compare Europe to the US and think that the States are some kind of “Europe on the other side of the big pond”. This is just wrong. Guns have a longer and deeper rooted history in the US than here. With this in mind, one should understand that the average American doesn’t see guns as a bad thing, as most Europeans see it. It’s not only “Bobby-Ray-Redneck” who owns guns, but all kinds of people.

To accept such a point should be mandatory for everyone, who calls himself a democrat. Democracy also means accepting other people’s opinions, even if they’re totally different than your own.  The 2nd amendment of the US-constitution clearly reads “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.  If you start messing around with one amendment, what comes next?

First guns, then free speech?