Chances for assault weapon ban in the US fading away

Gun owners will remember March 19th as a good day. After the Newtown incident, plans arose to ban all semi-automatic rifles that resemble a military assault rifle. But the new draft bill of the democrats doesn’t contain a single word about the “bad black rifles” anymore. Harry Reid, senate majority leader of the Democratic Party said on Tuesday, that there was not enough support for such a law, even in his own party. Senator Reid also said, that he won’t support any law, that has low to none chances to pass.

President Obama tried to introduce a bill in the wake of the Newtown rampage. Said law should outlaw semi-automatic rifles with specific attributes (such as pistol grips for example) This “assault weapon ban” lead to panic buying in the USA. Sales of guns and ammunition skyrocketed overnight. Some shops were, and still are sold out to the last pack of .22lr rounds despite the fact, that gun and ammo producers increased their production.

But also if it looks like if the next American “assault weapon ban” is off the table, there’s still no all-clear signal for gun enthusiasts in the United States: some of Obamas ideas, such as the limitation of magazine capacity, are still around and may make their way into the next bill. But: such a bill has not only to pass the senate, but the House of Representatives too. And there, the republicans have got the majority. will keep you informed.