Zebdos Knives: a line of "Made in Italy" tactical knives designed with style and rationality

The Framez is a fixed-blade knife designed primarily for backup use, i.e., to support the main cutting tool. It is therefore a lightweight tool with a compact size, but one that, when needed, can provide a decisive cutting capacity to get us out of a bind. This, of course, in no way prevents it from being carried as an EDC knife, i.e., for everyday use, in case the sturdiness of a fixed blade is wanted, together with maximum lightness – again in relation to the length and thickness of the blade.

The name refers to the skeletonized handle that is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature of this knife made of one piece of 440 C stainless steel hardened to the hardness of 58-60 HRC.

Discovering the Zebdos Framez Classic

Let's say it up front, before anyone asks: the Framez in basic version has a list price of 139 euros, which in comparison to an industrial product might seem a lot, but you have to take into account that this is a knife designed and manufactured in Italy and handcrafted one by one. Add to that the excellent Kydex sheath with quick release attachment that comes standard and the elegant packaging, and the perspective changes, and by a lot too.

The Framez blade measures 98 mm and features a flat grind. A version with a Tanto blade profile is also available.
The Framez Classic comes with a nice Kydex sheath with a Tek-Lok quick release attachment.

The Zebdos Framez is available with two blade profiles: standard and Tanto and with an OD green finish or with "topographical" engraving, like the specimen sent to us for evaluation. Either way, the appearance is very austere, and only on the right side do we find the three runes that make up the company's logo. The 440 C steel blade measures 98 millimeters long by 5 millimeters thick and features a perfectly executed flat grinding. The handle is obtained by simply shaping the steel and making three trapezoidal openings in it. The result is excellent both aesthetically and ergonomically. Simply put, the knife grips very well, particularly with gloves, and the checkering on its upper and lower sides makes for a very firm grip. This checkering also extends to the back of the blade, two-thirds of the total length, and allows a firm and safe thumb rest for hard jobs.

At the handle end we find a small paracord braid that is very useful for helping in the extraction of the knife from its Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok attachment, which provides a decidedly strong retention. The sheath locking system is extremely versatile and allows for carrying on the belt, on backpack shoulder straps or on a tactical vest, with a very wide range of options. As far as we are concerned, the Framez Classic is a well-crafted knife that delivers what it promises:. Although irrelevant to the knife's performance, the "topographic" finish is original and well-executed, and it adds to the appeal of this knife.

We would only add that the Framez is also available in a "Neck knife" version with a 60 mm long blade, for an overall length of 130 mm. 

Zebdos Framez knife specs and price

Zebdos Knives – https://www.zebdosknives.com/
Framez Classic
Fixed blade EDC/Backup
Blade Material:
440C steel
Blade Length:
3.85”/98 mm
Blade Thickness:
0.196”/5 mm
Blade Grind:
Overall Length:
8.54”/217 mm
OD and topographic engraving
5 oz/143 g
Kydex, standard
139 euro
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