Spyderco Assist Rescue

The Assist Rescue, model  C79PSBBK, is possibly one of the most extraordinary rescue knives ever made. Its unique blade features an oversized Spyderco hole and what the company calls “Cobra Hood”: a machined flange of steel that caps the top of the round opening hole in the blade creating a flat ledge. It guides the thumb over the hole positioning it for precise, rapid deployment of the blade, even while wearing heavy gloves.

The blunt tip easily slides under seat belts, clothing, and other materials without endangering the victim and will not puncture flotation gear. Its serrated edge is designed to rapidly cut through the toughest materials, while still offering a small section of plain edge near the tip for detail work.

The Assist’s Bi-Directional Textured  FRN black handle has finger grooves for a secure grip and to enable the blade to “scissor cut” rope and cord, much like a cigar cutter. For window breaching, squeeze the Assist’s closed blade and a retractable carbide glass breaker extends from the butt of the handle.

Available with either a black or high visibility orange handle, the original version of the Assist features a satin finish blade. For end users concerned about light discipline, Spyderco now offers a black-bladed Assist with a non-reflective titanium carbonitride blade coating (pictured).

These features, plus a built-in survival whistle and reversible wire pocket clip, make the Assist the ideal pocket tool for first responders, rescue personnel and armed professionals.

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