CRKT Chance-In-Hell

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We can find tons of tools and gear featured in successful television shows. Few of these, however, can be recognized as really 'professional' at first glance. Stuff that is actually all beef and no smoke. 

This is certainly the case with the blade we test today: the compact Chanceinhell machete, born from the genius of Master Cutler Ken Onion, to withstand the harshest uses and challenge the most extreme and hostile environments. 

The blade is built  from a very strong - and lightweight - cold rolled sheet of carbon steel protected by a black powder coating that makes it virtually impervious to corrosion and wear, protecting it from the elements. A bonus is the matte, non-glare finish, making it suitable for use also by those customers who are more into the tactical ways of life, rather than the "simpler" hunting and fishing activities, no matter how extreme. 

CRKT Chance-in-hell
The first thing we notice is how pro the ensemble looks: we're in front of an extremely serious tool, conceived and born both for daily and extreme use
CRKT Chance-in-hell
The machete in its own sheath, over a bamboo bed just cut down with a single stroke
CRKT Chance-in-hell
Two features of the ergonomic handle: 1) absolute grip, to be able to be wielded in every weather condition (obviously thinking at the jungle...); 2) the holes on the grip to enable the machete to be mounted as a polearm or other emergency solution
CRKT Chance-in-hell
The sheath aloows for two different extractions, either sideways or vertical

Everything in the knife speaks of a use without compromise, starting from the double injection molded, anatomically shaped rubber handle that feels great in the hand, and extremely rugged in use. The shape also helps against fatigue and is extremely “grippable”. 

The practical, super-tough and comfortable Cordura Sheath feature optional straps for the thigh, allowing to carry the machete in a variety of positions that call for different extraction techniques. 

A set of holes on the handle, as well as the sturdy Nylon cord accessories, also allow more… "Imaginative" configurations (Spearhead? A Glaive?), to be able to cope with the hostile environmental conditions of wherever we are operating (i.e.: "shopping" in the jungle!). 

The Chanceinhell machete is very light: only 500 grams, which go up to 600 with its sheath. 

We mentioned it to be compact: as a matter of fact, it sports a total length of 45 cm (with a 30 cm blade), a length that makes the Chanceinhell an easy item to choose to be always carried in the field. 

If we think about it, it is difficult to imagine the countless hunting uses to which this machete lends itself to, starting right from simply clearing bushes, shrubs and brambles in a hunting trip with your faithful Retriever. 

CRKT Chance-in-hell
The black finish protects the blade from any environment, and also curbs every reflection, making this mache more than suitable for tactical uses
CRKT Chance-in-hell
The paracord meant to tie the sheath to the thigs in case of the classical side carry, also doubles as a useful four feet length of tie-down rope for many uses