CRKT Hammond FE7 and FE9

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The CRKT FE line of fixed blade knives is nothing but the industrial made version of the custom knife “Flesheater” designed in 1991 by Jin Hammond and Arcenio James Advincula during Desert Storm to create one of the most highly refined fighting knives today.

CRKT Hammond FE
In both lenght the blade is hollow grind with drop point profile and black powder coating. Hardness is about 56-58 HRC

The CRKT FE project is based primarily upon Advincula's Largo-Mano Escrima and Isshin-Ryu Karate background and 24 year military service as a USMC Ret. Master Sergeant. He is also creator of the U.S. Marine Corps martial arts training program.

The first feature of the knife is the handle, developed under Advincula's fighting philosophy, facilitates maximum efficiency in four forward grip positions. Contrary to other knife fighters, Advincula is not a strong supporter of “reverse grip” or “icepick grip” (where knife is held with the blade protruding fron the lower side of the hand). His fighting tecnique is raher based on four different “hammer” or “forward” grips, each of them allowing a different result in terms of chopping or stabbing power.

CRKT Hammond FE
Upper guard tip and back of the blade is serrated for added grip and control.

So the black G-10 handle of these CRKT knives is not designed to allow a fast switching from forward to reverse grip, but is a masterpiece of ergonomic, closely resembling an anatomical pistol grip. 

The mid-point handle drop on the topside of the handle, about two inches from the guard, combines with the finger grooves and handle contours produce the optimal pinch point combination, the key to the stability of the FE grip. 

Its hourglass contours, combined with these opposing pressure points, virtually lock this knife in the hand.

A detailed view of the four grips is featured in this video produced by CRKT.

CRKT Hammond FE
5028) CRKT Hammond FE9 and its training version molded in thermo plastic rubber. Size and grip is quite the same, weight is 15,2 ounces fot the “real” knife while the trainer is 4,8 ounces

Upper guard tip and back of the blade is serrated for added grip and control.

The CRKT FE knife is available with 7,38” (FE7) and 9” blade lenght. Blade is made of 01 tool steel with black powder coating. Its drop-point design features a razor-sharp, slight recurve bottom edge along with a sharpened leading top edge. Both FE7 and FE9 blades are skilfully machined and finished and show a great resemblance with the original custom made Flasheater.

CRKT Hammond FE
FE's sheat is molded black nylon with glass fiber reinforcement. It has been designed to accommodate Molle clip attachments, as well as having a leg strap and ample slots for lashing

Sheath is molded black nylon with glass fiber reinforcement and has been designed to accommodate Molle clip attachments, as well as having a leg strap. It comes complete with all of the required hardware for belt or Molle attachment in either high or low positions.

In order to make training with knives easier and safer, CRKT is offering a “trainer” version of FA9 (only 9 inch blade model is available) entirely made in thermo plastic rubber with same size (but not the same feel) of the original knife.

CRKT Hammond FE
Hammond FE handle was toroughly conceived and desisgned in order to offer the best veratility with the forward grip. It is not fit for icepick grip

Advocates of huge knives say that “A big knives does better and faster than a small one” and maybe they are right. If your primary need is a big blade with top notch chopping ability, surely FE's are the right choice for you. 

The superlative grip and the powerful blade make them perfect choppers and, of course, a hell of self defense tool in hostile environment.

Even if designed with spcial forces requirements in mind, these knives are highly valuable for hunting and survival too.

CRKT Hammond FE7 - FE9

CRKT Hammond FEFranco Palamaro


Columbia River Knives & Tool

ModelHammond FE7, FE9
FE9 Training Knife
Typefixed blade knife
PurposeCombat and
survival knife
BladeFE7 7,38" - 187 mm
FE9 9" - 228 mm
0.24" - 6 mm thick
Drop point profile
GripG10 - Anatomic
Overall lengthFE7 12,5" - 317 mm
FE9 14,13" - 358 mm
WeightFE7 13,3 oz - 377 g
FE9 15,2 oz - 430 g
Training Knife
4,8 oz - 136 g
Materials/FinishesBlade 01 tool steel
Black powder coat
Handle G10
Sheath Nylon
NotesNylon sheath accommodates Molle attachments, as well as having a leg strap and ample slots for lashing
Price$ 250 – FE7
$ 260 – FE9
$ 12 - Training
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