Medals and new World Records with Pedersoli’s guns

For the Davide Pedersoli Company each international meeting is an important occasion to showcase our high performing products and have confirmation of the confidence expressed by many shooters in our product. Our name has become synonymous with technical quality and ballistic accuracy, and top shooters know this well.

During the last event, the winners using Pedersoli guns could count an additional forty two medals: twelve gold, fourteen silver and sixteen bronze. We honor the shooters achieving their prestigious successes.

In the individual disciplines three gold medals were won by the German shooter Josef Mayr in the Miquelet event with the An IX musket, Tania Heber in Minié with the Enfield rifle and Alfred Bailer in Pennsylvania with the Mortimer rifle. For Tania Heber and Alfred Bailer they also had the satisfaction of achieving two new world records in each discipline, respectively with scores of 97 and 99. A fourth gold medal was awarded to the Belgian shooter Willy Wanhille, winning the Cominazzo with the Le Page pistol.

Pedersoli Mortimer
The Mortimer .54 caliber flintlock rifle won the gold medal in Pennsylvannia discipline, achieving the new world record score of 99! In the Lucca Team discipline it won the gold, silver and bronze medals and in Kossuth disciplines the gold, matching the world record scores of 287 and the silver medals.In the smooth barrel shotgun version 12 gauge, gold, silver and bronze in Hawker (new world record score of 127) while the percussion shotgun model won the silver and bronze in Lorenzoni and the silver medal in Batesville

Silver medals were achieved by six shooters of different nationalities: the Finnish Timo Aulis Näätänen in Miquelet with the An IX musket; the French Didier Brun in Cominazzo with the Le Page pistol and Mathieu Ducellier in Pennsylvania with the Swiss Match rifle; the German Franz Lotspeich in Lorenzoni with the Mortimer shotgun; the Spanish Josè Ramón Galán Talens in Donald Malson and the Belgian Rudolph Lambert in the combined Remington discipline with the Remington Pattern revolver.

Finally, eight bronze medals were won in the individual matches. Five of them by German shooters: Peter Käpernick in Miquelet with the Mod. 1777 musket; Martin Kloke in Cominazzo with the Le Page pistol and in Mariette with the Remington Pattern revolver; Alfred Bailer in Lamarmora with the Württembergischen rifle; Rita Pamer in Walkyrie with the Gibbs rifle

The other three bronze medals were won by the Swiss shooter Hans-Peter Rüfenacht in Minié with the Württembergischen rifle, by the French shooter Guy Vigouroux in Lorenzoni with the Mortimer shotgun and by the Belgian shooter Rudolph Lambert in Donald Malson with a Remington Pattern revolver.

The results obtained with Pedersoli guns in the individual disciplines are very gratifying: the two new world records (the one in Minié with the Enfield rifle recently introduced) and the complete podium in the Miquelet and Cominazzo disciplines is an exemplary result.

In the team disciplines the gold medal saw Pedersoli’s succeed in the muzzleloading rifle matches: seven triumphs for Germany and one for Spain. The German shooters were first in  Halikko (Alfred Bailer, Peter Käpernick and Josef Mayr with the An IX muskets), in Pforzheim (Walter Massing with the Bristlen Morges rifle), in Lucca (Alfred Bailer with the Mortimer rifle), in Magenta (Tania Heber with the Enfield rifle, Josef Mayr and Wolfgang Virsik with the Württembergischen rifles), in Enfield (Alfred Bailer and Josef Mayr with Württembergischen rifles), in Amazons (Rita Pamer with the Gibbs rifle) and in Kossuth (Alfred Bailer with the Mortimer rifle and Thomas Baumhakl with the Swiss Match rifle).

The Spanish gold was won in Hawker (Jaume Torras Roca with the Mortimer shotgun).

New world records have been achieved in the Halikko discipline (282), Magenta (281), Amazons (290) Hawker (127 clay pigeons). While in Kossuth, it has matched the existing record of 287.

The silver medals have been won by: Belgium in Wogdon (Eddy Desmet and Willy Vanhille, with the Le Page pistol and Rudolph Lambert with a Mortimer pistol); Finland in Halikko (Antero Mustamäki, Timo Aulis Näätänen and Sakari Viertola with the An IX musket); to Switzerland in Lucca (Hans-Peter Rufenacht with the Mortimer rifle); France in Amazons (Virgine Decomble with the Gibbs rifle), in Magenta (Vèronique Tissier with the Württembergischen rifle) and in Kossuth (Mathieu Ducellier with a Swiss Match rifle and Noel Risch with a Mortimer rifle); to Germany in Hawker and in Batesville (Franz Lotspeich with a Mortimer shotgun).

Pedersoli Enfield
Great success for the Enfield rifle, recently introduced by Davide Pedersoli and already winning gold medals in Minié and Magenta disciplines. With new world records both in Minié with a score of 97 and in Magenta with a score of 281

Also the eight team winners of bronze medals were: Germany in Wogdon (Karl Hamman and Martin Kloke with the Le Page) and in Peterlongo (Rita Pamer with the Remington Pattern); Poland in Forsyth (Mariusz Rychlik with the Kuchenreuter pistol); Switzerland in Halikko (Katharina Stierli with the Mod. 1777 musket); Italy in Amazons (Giuliana Casucci, Angelina Simone and Adriana Tivelli with the Tryon Creedmoor rifle); France in Lucca (Noel Risch with the Mortimer rifle and Laurent Thomas with the Jäger rifle); Austria in Kossuth (Gerhard Reiter with the Swiss Match rifle and Andreas Gassner with the Jäger rifle); Great Britain in Hawker (Richard Morris and David Elvin with the Mortimer shotgun).

An equally positive result in the team disciplines: to the above mentioned records we can add the complete podium in Halikko and in Hawker disciplines.

Overall the guns produced by Davide Pedersoli Company in the hands of skilled shooters achieved about the 44% of the medals, in the disciplines in which they were entered. Twenty medals have been won by German shooters, with the host country in first place for the medals won throughout the event. The other medals saw shooters coming from different European nations: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland demonstrating how Pedersoli’s guns are popular and appreciated among the shooters.

Davide Pedersoli company thanks all the shooters who stepped onto the podium at the event and all those muzzle loading shooters throughout the world who are enjoying shooting black powder guns, it does not matter which brand, whether original or replica.

As muzzle loading target shooting develops around the world we must thank all these shooters and the hope for the future is for many more nations to approach this wonderful sport.

It is no longer just “folklore”, the great target shooting results clearly show the accuracy of this sport.

The Olympic Games Committee could and should address its attention to this discipline as part of the shooting program.