Olympic Trap Shooter Andrea Swatts

Growing up, Andrea used to accompany her father to watch him shoot sporting clays in Cumbria but when she turned 17 she left home to embark on her studies and found she had no opportunity to shoot. Years later, for her 30th birthday, her father bought her a voucher for an introduction to clay shooting, she used it just before it expired on the eve of her 31st birthday, ‘I was utterly hooked from that day!’ said Andrea.

‘I love OT which I have now been shooting for the last 18 months following on from a successful 8 year DTL career. Having said that, sometimes as a change from serious competition I do like to pick up the gun and shoot any discipline at a local ground. Never found one I don’t enjoy!’ Andrea shoots most weekends at Bywell Shooting Ground and travels to Wales and Southern England for British Shooting Talent Pathway OT training days.

OT shooter Andrea Swatts with the Krieghoff K80.
Andrea Swatts shooting with the Krieghoff K80. 
Club De Tiro Jarapalo
The Club De Tiro Jarapalo shooting ground, near Malaga.
OT Shooter Andrea Swatts with her gun over shoulder.
OT shooter Andrea Swatts over shoulder.

One of the highlights for Andrea was winning the Ladies World ABT Championship, ‘it was a huge high for me. I remember being stood there at Fauxdegla Shooting Ground feeling so happy after two wonderful days shooting.’  Andrea travels for her shooting, ‘I have met so many people who are now such good friends. I’ve developed a love for Jarapalo Shooting Ground near Malaga. Always a friendly welcome, wonderful training facilities as well as a giant dog and grumpy horse strolling round! The views from the ranges are fabulous across the mountain tops.’

Andrea shoots with her Krieghoff K80 and Lyalvale express cartridges. ‘I rarely change my chokes and prefer the 2 and 2+ choke combination which in non Krieghoff speak is half and 5/8ths.’ 

In October Andrea competes at the Costa Del Sol Grand Prix. She is sponsored by Lyalvale Express, CENS for ear protection. ‘Krieghoff and Alan Rhone have provided me with a lot of support over the years. They kindly part sponsored my last gun and have recently made me a new custom stock.’

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