“Now it’s up to you” – A new communication concept and video for 2021 from Norma. What’s your benefit of this innovative, digital strategy?

“NOW IT’S UP TO YOU” – with these words Norma, the well-known ammunition company from the North, launches a new communication concept. Very few ammo brands can claim almost 120 years of success and innovation. Founded in 1902 by the Oslo-native Enger brothers in Åmotfors, Sweden, Norma is one of them. And through the slogan “Now it’s up to you”, they want to express the company’s commitment to give the shooter the best possible experience by not only providing a world-class product, but also the knowledge and inspiration that goes with it.

Jonas Hellentin, Brand and Marketing Manager at Norma, explains the new Norma strategy and the benefits for all fans of the brand:

“Now it’s up to you”, the new Norma communication concept 2021
“Now it’s up to you”, the new Norma communication concept 2021.

“By NOW IT’S UP TO YOU, we want to be an active part of the user’s experience. By providing the best product we can possibly deliver, the shooter then completes our common journey towards the perfect experience and maybe one of life’s greatest adventures. There is no such thing as a 'magic bullet'. There are numerous factors involved in a perfect shot. The projectile itself, weather, wind, gravity and most of all the shooter himself. We provide the market with a world-class product, 120 years of experience in the field, and our genuine belief that we can aid the shooter in the ability to fulfill his or her dreams. The rest is up to you.” 

Because as the manufacturer states in the video below, “a bullet may take a second to manufacture and a moment to fire, but it takes years to develop”. Please have a look:

Video: “Now it’s up to you” – The new mission statement from Norma

Norma – The brand stands high quality products, digital innovation and Scandinavian heritage

Belonging to RUAG Ammotec Group since 2002, Norma currently produces a comprehensive and high-quality product range of hunting and sport ammunition in over 100 calibers, and is highly praised for its reloader components. Since 1988, Norma has also been the official purveyor to H.M. the Swedish King.

The importance of the shooter, craftsmanship legacy when it comes to quality, care and know how, plus the Nordic heritage, are the tenets of the new Norma communication concept that will serve as an umbrella for all communication activities through out 2021 and will include an updated visual identity, the release of a new Ballistic app, Norma Academy and Norma Retail Academy.

Knowledge and inspiration – The new Norma Academy

New Norma Ballistic App for Hunters and Shooters
With the new Ballistic App, Norma will offer shooters and hunters a better comprehension of all the factors that contribute to a perfect shot while simulating the results. 

In detail: the new Norma Academy is part of Norma’s content strategy and a big step towards going more digital. Through videos, articles and community based interaction. Norma Academy will be Norma’s platform for sharing knowledge and inspiration about the vast field of hunting and shooting: “Our mission is to make you an expert, because experts make sure that they choose the right products for the job”. The material will be available for free at the Norma website www.norma-ammunition.com and the YouTube channel Norma Ammo and parallel to Norma Academy will also be a retail version targeting sales personnel to improve.

New Norma Ballistic App for Hunters and Shooters

Moreover, with the newly developed Ballistic App soon to be released, Norma aims to provide shooters and hunters “with the opportunity to delve into the world of ballistics”, together with a better comprehension of all the factors that contribute to a perfect shot while simulating the results. 

Norma – Nordic Heritage as promise of quality and responsibility

Norma cartridges
Besides complete factory cartridges, Norma is highly praised for its reloader components.

Last but not least, the Nordic heritage. “Our Scandinavian heritage is important to us. It’s not an easy task gaining the trust of a Nordic hunter. Nature in our countries is harsh and demanding, as is our fauna. The art of hunting has deep roots in the psyche and culture of Scandinavians,” they say at Norma.

All this blends in the “Now it’s up to you” concept. To sum it up in one sentence: a perfect shot is a combination of both products and skills.

The mission is to provide you with both.

To learn more about the concept NOW IT’S UP TO YOU please visit the Norma website

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