Dream guns auctioned at Hermann Historica

The Johann Lux collection will be auctioned at the Hermann Historica headquarters in Munich (Germany) on November 8th. It’s a very important collection of service pistols and revolvers ranging from the second half of the nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century. Let's take a look at some of the rarest models in the collection:

Colt Peacemaker British Model

Colt Peacemaker British Model left view
Colt Peacemaker British Model, left side.

Extremely rare Colt 1873 revolver in .45 Long Colt with a 5 and ½ inch barrel, nickel-plated finish, serial no. 354275, produced in 1931. In addition to the original Hartford markings, it features British army's acceptance marks.

Colt Peacemaker British Model right view
Colt Peacemaker British Model, right side.

In 1940, fearing an imminent invasion by the Nazis, the British government bought all the weapons in Colt’s British warehouse. There were 163 guns of various calibers, 108 of which were in .45 Long Colt. 

According to the records, 63 Colt Peacemakers were nickel-plated, the existing documentation confirming the autenticity of this revolver.

In like-new condition, starting price 6500 euro.

Colt Kongsberg mod. 1912, first version

Colt Kongsberg mod. 1912 left view
Colt Kongsberg mod. 1912, left side.

.45 ACP Kongsberg pistol Model 1912, serial no. 82 with well-preserved original bluing and some scratches on metal parts and grips. 

Colt Kongsberg mod. 1912 right view
Colt Kongsberg mod. 1912, right side.

Produced in 1917, barrel was factory replaced in 1922. It is a Colt 1911 produced under license by the Norwegian Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk factory and it is easily recognizable by the extended slide release lever.

The Kongsberg Model 12 was produced in relatively small numbers: it is estimated that from 1917 to 1940 no more than 23000 guns were manufactured, while during the Nazi occupation of Norway about 8200 were produced. 

It is probably the only Model 12 existing in Germany and is accompanied by the original leather holster and a letter from the factory that reconstructs its history. Starting price 8000 euro.

Steyr 1893 trial revolver with gas-seal cylinder

revolver Steyr 1893, left view
Steyr 1893 trial revolver, left side.

Trial revolver produced by Steyr in 1893 in 8mm, serial number 52. The octagon/round 4-groove barrel is 144mm long. 

Steyr 1893 right view
Steyr 1893 trial revolver, right side.

Seven-shot cylinder and double-action mechanism. When the hammer is cocked, the cylinder moves two millimeters forward towards the breech to prevent gas from escaping through the "cylinder gap", a system that will be perfected two years later on the Nagant revolvers.

On the left side of the frame we find the "Waffenfabrik / Steyr" marking. 100% original finish, blued frame and barrel, straw bluing on cylinder and yoke. Checkered walnut grips without signs of use, practically new, never fired. 

Starting price 9000 euro.

Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902 revolver with original loading clip

Loading clip caricamento for Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902 revolver
Loading clip with eight cartridges for Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902 revolver.

Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902 revolver in .38 Auto caliber, serial number 1274. 6-inch barrel, eight-shot cylinder. 

The marks make it possible to date the production to 1903. "P. Webley & Son. London & Birmingham" on the barrel. On the left side of the frame bridge we find the "Webley Fosbery" marking, ".38 Automatic" is on the lower frame. Original bluing slightly thinner on barrel, partially spotted with signs of use. Checkered hard rubber grips, with lanyard loop. 

In total, about 267 were built, of which probably only twenty survive today according to collectors’ estimates.

The gun is sold with an original brass loading clip and eight "Kynoch 38" cartridges which, if sold to a non-German citizen, can’t be exported.

Starting price 9000 euro.

Revolver Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902 left view
Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902 revolver, left side.
Revolver Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902, right view
Webley Fosbery Mod. 1902 revolver, right side.

Borchardt C 93, DWM, with holster-stock, financial police of Chile

Borchardt C 93, DWM right view
Borchardt C 93, DWM, holster-stock.

The queen of collectible pistols, namely the Borchardt C93, could not be missing: chambered in 7.65mm Borchardt, serial number 1454. 190 mm barrel in excellent condition, 8-round magazine. On the knee-joint it is marked "D.R.P./No. 75887", while on the right side of the frame "SYSTEM BORCHARDT PATENT / Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken / Berlin.". 

Borchardt C 93, DWM left view
Dream guns auctioned at Hermann Historica

Original bluing is intact, moving parts are not blued. Almost perfect checkered grips. Nickel-plated magazine with wooden base and serial number "54". 

It’s particularly rare because it is accompanied by the original holster with the star mark and the letters "P.F. - CH" indicating the adoption by the financial police of Chile (Policia Fiscal de Chile). The pistol is accompanied by a dummy wooden magazine (which was used to facilitate the cleaning of the gun) containing the brass cleaning rod and grease box. 

Starting price 18000 euro.

Mauser Mod. 1878 "Zick-Zack" revolver, first model

Revolver Mauser Mod. 1878 “Zig -Zag”, left view
Mauser Mod. 1878 “Zick -Zack” revolver, left side.

The gun with the highest starting price of the whole auction is a superb first model Mauser 1878 "Zick-Zack" revolver, bearing the serial number 43. Chambered in 10.6mm with a 4-groove 160 mm barrel. The left side of the frame is marked "Gebr. Mauser & Cie Oberndorf / N". Six-shot cylinder with very light bluing thinning, blued safe and trigger, color case hardened hammer, finely checkered walnut grips. 

Revolver Mauser Mod. 1878 “Zig -Zag”, right view
Mauser Mod. 1878 “Zick -Zack” revolver, right side.

Complete with cleaning rod, in excellent general conditions. 

The starting price of this very rare revolver is 19000 euro.

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