Breda Team at the 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot

The 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot has just started in Pattaya, Thailand. At the THPSA range, more than 700 shooters will be competing to the last shot. The event schedule is tight, with seminars and pre-matches taking shooters up to the December 3 date when the Main Matches will begin. Shoot-offs and awards ceremonies will be held on December 9.

Breda Team at the 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot with the B12i T4

Breda Team: Lorenzo Cavalli.
Breda Team: Leonardo Marigo.
Breda Team: Aniello Sgambato.

At the World Shoot in Pattaya there are a good number of shooters from Italy, including those who make up the official Breda Team, consisting of Nicola Baccaro, Leonardo Marigo, Aniello Sgambato and Lorenzo Cavalli. All use the Breda B12i T4 shotgun, which was also chosen by other athletes: from the Philippines, Ronaldo Magpantay, Jayzel Lemi and Madeline Arenas; from Poland, Szymon Jarosiewicz; from Ukraine, Andrii Kiktenko; from Greece, Ioannis Karman.

The Breda B12i T4 is a semi-automatic, inertia system shotgun whose kinematic mechanism is pushed to the extreme by lightening the bolt in order to increase firing/reloading cycle speed and decrease felt recoil, significantly reducing the amount of moving mass. The bolt body also features a titanium surface treatment that increases corrosion resistance and smoothness.

Breda B12i T4, a shotgun born for IPSC shooting

The receiver of the Breda B12iT4 is made of 7075T6 aluminum alloy. Note the lightened bolt, oversized charging handle and release button. 

The Breda B12i T4 was developed with the specific goal of offering top-level shooters an efficient and ergonomic "competition-ready" gun that comes standard with all the features they need in the field, from the loading port to the new design of the bolt release button to reduce interference during quad-loading, when shooters reload the magazine tube while holding four cartridges at a time.

Another distinctive feature of the X series is the walnut stock set with adjustable comb and Breda ink finish. The adjustment at comb is essential for adapting the stock in a millimetric way to the physiognomy of the shooter who needs a dedicated and precise setting to target.

Great attention was paid to the oversized loading port with a cartridge loading ramp. 

Stock and fore-end are brushed by hand in order to increase grip, making its look lived and unique; they are then impregnated with a dark ink that protects the set during use. The buttstock provides the shooter with an adjustable cheek pad, and the recoil pad is made of high-absorption rubber, manufactured by Cervellati. The B12iX can be ordered with a Breda synthetic stock for those who prefer the polymer or practice stippling.

Another highlight is the trigger group entirely CNC machined from a high-performance Ergal billet, which allows shooters to make precise customization. The Ergal trigger group is available as an option for a reasonable extra charge..

Overall view for the Breda B12iT4 inertia semi-automatic designed for IPSC shooters. 

As for the metal parts, the Breda B12iT4 is available in light gray, dark gray, matte black, and camo pattern Cerakote finishes.

The shotgun comes in an ABS carrying case with five chokes that can also be used with steel shot, a choke key and a detachable sling swivel mount. Retail price is €1,531 (including VAT) for the basic version. With the aluminum trigger assembly (as in the published photos) the price is €1,593.

Breda B12i T4 specs and price


Breda -

B12i T4
Semi-automatic shotgun 
Inertia system with rotating bolt
12 (with Magnum 3” chamber)
Barrel Length:
61, 66, 71 and 76 cm 
Receiver Material:
7075-T6 aluminum alloy 
Receiver Finish:
Black anodizing
Vented with LPA flip-up sight
Front Sight: 
Buttstock and Forend:
Polymer or wood
3.1 kg (with 71 cm barrel)
Without reducer: 4 12/76 rounds, 2-round with reducer. Possibility of adding an extension 

ABS carrying case with 5 chokes, choke key and detachable sling swivel mount

Retail Price (MSRP in Italy):
from €1,531 (including VAT) basic version; with aluminum trigger assembly €1,593

For more information please visit the Breda website.

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