Winchester Razor Back

The Winchester Razor Back is a ammunition designed specifically for hunting the wild boar, since it has as the main feature in loading: this is a new propellant with which it was possible to greatly reduce the flash mouth during firing. This feature is very popular among hunters in North America.

The ammunition is built around a monolithic copper ball that does not use lead, making it usable in all countries where it is banned lead.

From the structural point of view, the Winchester Razor Back presents plans on the outer surface of the ball, with the aim to obtain a penetration and a controlled expansion despite being a monolithic ball. The Winchester chose this structure for the Razor Back since the skin of wild boar is very thick, then has designed an ammunition capable of penetrating the skin of the animal without causing too much damage to the surrounding area of the impact.

The Winchester Razor Back is available in calibers .308 Winchester and .223, with shells entirely coated in nickel to achieve maximum reliability in all conditions.