Winchester Super-X Power-Point

Winchester Super-X Power-Point: four new European calibers
The “Super-X PowerPoint” ammo series from Winchester Ammunition will now feature four genuinely European calibers loaded with high-performance Power-Point bullets

All throughout the 20th Century the Winchester Ammunition Company (now a subsidiary of FN-Browning Herstal S.A. of Belgium) has contributed to the evolution of hunting and sports shooting practices by prompting several revolutions in the field of ammunition with the invention of now widely popular, almost legendary calibers such as .243, .270, .284, .300 or .338. One of the most modern and notorious of these revolutions came in the form of the “Power-Point” ball, a special high-performance load that will raise to the maximum the effectiveness of almost any load thanks to its lead core that protrudes as a soft tip working as an expansion prompter, and to its specially notched jacket that will aid the expansion itself and make for a perfect energy transmission to the target.

Winchester Power-Point bullet
The Winchester Power-Point bullet, the most popular and widely used with hunters worldwide, offers excellent knockdown power thanks to its soft lead point and a specially notched variant to provide uniform expansion

The Power-Point ball technology now applies to almost the entire Super-X line of Winchester ammunition, a favourite by hunters worldwide thanks to its exceptional flat trajectory, range, accuracy and knockdown power, featuring some of Winchester's finest loads. From 2012 on, the Super-X line will be integrated with four new typically European calibers especially appreciated by hunters all throughout the “Old Continent” for battue or static hunt on ungulates (hogs, deer et sim.): 7x64mm with 162gr ball, 8x57JRS with 195gr ball, 9,3x62mm and 9,3x74R both with 286 gr balls. These loads are already available through authorized Winchester Ammunition distributors; ballistic tables for these three newcomers can instead be downloaded directly in PDF form from the company website.