RWS Uni-Classic .30-06 Springfield

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The now century-old .30-06 Springfield caliber, the quintessential “Born in the U.S.A.” rifle cartridge, lived on through the battlefields of two World Wars, of the Korean mountains and the Vietnamese jungles, to land softly on the European and American hunting fields and shooting ranges thanks to its undeniably outstanding range, accuracy and stopping power, as acknowledged by every American sharpshooter: USMC snipers normally employed this good old cartridge well into the 1970s, given its great performances well over the 300 metres threshold that represents the nowadaysʼ typical limit for its use in shooting competitions. The .30-06 Springfield caliber is a true all-rounder, and generally the combination between its recoil levels and the weight of the guns normally chambered for this cartridge make it manageable even by less-than-perfect shooters.

RWS Uni-Classic .30-06  
The RWS “Universal” bullets sport a peculiar, patented, highly effective design

The RWS Rottweil brand of the German Dynamit Nobel/RUAG Ammotec GmbH group, known worldwide for its high quality hunting and precision shooting loads, recently added this “Oldie but Goldie” universal caliber to its UNI-CLASSIC series, an ammunition line that revisits the greatest classics of ammunition history with the new UNI controlled-expansion, progressive jacket thickness bullet technology: a new design that will reduce the mushroom expansion diameter without causing hindrance to the expansion process itself and providing cleaner, more effective wound channels without excessive damage to the carcass. The UNI-CLASSIC .30-06 Springfield RWS ammunition, as well as all the other calibers this line is offered in (.308-Winchester, .30R-Blaser, .300-Winchester Magnum, 9,3x62, 9,3x64, 9,3x74R and .375 Holland & Holland Magnum) will thus result particularly suitable for hunting mid-sized and big game, including deer, buck and roe.