Product presentation with video: the new RWS P25 Rapid Fire rimfire cartridge for rapid fire pistol shooters

Patrone RWS P25 RAPID FIRE im Profil
RWS P 25 Rapid Fire: bullet weight 2.6 g, minimum velocity (v0) of 250 m/s guaranteed. Intended use: rapid fire pistol.

In the Olympic rapid fire (ORF) pistol shooting discipline the rimfire cartridges used must have special characteristics: as with the sister sport pistol discipline, only .22 Long Rifle caliber is permitted, but the ORF cartridges must fly through the measuring system at a minimum velocity of 250 meters per second, based on a bullet weight of 2.6 grams (40 gr).

To begin with, the ammunition specialists at RWS have chosen the tried-and-tested lead bullet from the successful RWS R50 cartridge and have also developed a new load that is tailor-made for the rapid fire discipline. We have taken a detailed look at it.

The advantages of the new RWS P 25 Rapid Fire match ammunition

Since five targets standing next to each other at a distance of 25 meters must be shot at during each five-shot round, the pistol should quickly fall back to the horizontal target line after each shot – the new RWS P 25 Rapid Fire therefore features a soft recoil that barely causes the muzzle to flip. With the high number of shots in training and competition, all gun-related malfunctions must be avoided, which is why the P 25 powder burns with only a small amount of residue that could otherwise affect its function. The ammunition, which is part of the RWS Premium Line, is available immediately from specialized dealers. A recommended retail price of €12.80 is quoted by the manufacturer for a box of 50.

Video: RWS P 25 Rapid Fire - Rapid fire pistol ammo in use

Everything at a glance: this short RWS video introduces the new RWS P 25 Rapid Fire cartridge (video captions are in German – just activate the English subtitles option). It was specially developed for use in the following types of firearms: rapid fire pistol, standard pistol, sport pistol. Caliber: .22LR, bullet material: lead. For competitive and amateur sports – for competition and training.

More information on the new P 25 Rapid Fire match ammunition is available on the RWS website.

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