RWS 2013 New Products

RWS has extended its range of lead-free hunting rifle ammunition: Evolution Green is now available in 3 additional calibres: 7 x 57 R, 7 mm Rem. Mag and .30 R Blaser. From summer on RWS introduces a new calibre of the classic EVOLUTION bullet: 6.5 x 55 mm.

On the topic lead free hunting bullets, RWS is currently presenting on the company website the results of a very convincing product test based on over 624 shootings of game.For sports shooters, RWS presents at IWA 2013 a new version of  rim fire cartridges: RWS R 50 SC, designed specifically for small bore rifles with shorter firing chambers. Calibre: .22 LR. This product is mainly targeting international benchrest-shooters. The new product will also be available from summer 2013 on. RWS is also presenting two new airgun pellets: Power Piercing (.22 /Cal. 5.5), with a new hollow-point design and equipped with an extreme lead tip for maximum energy transfer. The bullet mushrooms, when hitting the target. The other new product: Power Ball (.177 / Cal. 4.5) which provides an integrated, coated steel ball for maximum penetration. Both products will be available from May 2013 on.

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