Lead­-Free from Norma: Kalahari Plains Game

NORMA: Kalahari Plains Game
The result of a ballistic gelatin test with the 9.7 gram / 150 grain NORMA-bullet Kalahari Plains Game from a .30-06

You will be faced with particularly long shots when out in the desert or up in the mountains. Although shot, the game may travel some distance. Ideally, the bullet will exit the animal, leaving an immediate blood spoor for the tracker to follow.

And this is where the unique bullet design of the NORMA Kalahari Plains Game raises the bar. It is charged with selected powders to achieve the greatest muzzle velocity with controlled pressure drop. This results in a very flat trajectory.

The NORMA Kalahari Plains Game also provides the best possible ballistic coefficients and the lowest wind drift at normal hunting distances.

The controlled mushrooming process is limited to the front third of the bullet. Six razor-sharp petals separate from the shank to achieve maximum wounding effect while leaving the rear part of the bullet unscathed, which guarantees deep penetration.

NORMA: Kalahari Plains Game
The lead-free bullet from NORMA: Kalahari Plains Game
NORMA: Kalahari Plains Game
Lead-free hunting ammunition by NORMA has been in the stores since 2011

The proprietary coating minimizes metal fouling in the bore, which is often a problem with other copper-based monolithic hollow-point bullets.