NORMA, known for it's swedish precision, is an international leader in production of ammunition. The NORMA Diamond Line  cartridges are exclusively loaded with match quality bullets coated with molybdenum disulfide and wax. The coating reduces friction and barrel wear, resulting in uniform velocity, less pressure and maximum accuracy. 

The NORMA Diamond Line is available in the following calibers with different bullet weights:

6mm Norma BR: For ten years, this has been the dominant cartridge in international Match events. The 6mm Norma BR is the perfect combination of extreme accuracy, minimal drift and light recoil. It is the most frequently used round for major international championships, and uses a moly-coated hollowpoint BT bullet weighing 105 grains.

.308 Winchester: This is the classic cartridge for international match competitions using standard and free rifles. It is loaded with a 168-grain moly-coated hollowpoint BT bullet. 

Also available are cartridges for 6,5 x 55 with five different bullets.


The brand new Norma 6XC is now available with 3 different bullet types:

- Berger 105 gr (6,8 g)

- Nosler BST 95 gr (6,2 g)

- Norma Oryx 100 gr (6,5 g)