Norma 6XC

Benchrest is a class of it’s own. Experimental rifles, experimental ammunition, one goal: five rounds in one hole.

For these professionals of precision the 6 mm Norma BR until now had been the non plus ultra. But many of them asked for higher precision especially for the 300-m-range where weather and wind drift have higher influence on the exterior ballistics. That’s why Norma now offers the 6XC, a new cartridge for top athletes. The cartridge follows their demands.

Three bullets are available for the Norma 6XC:

- BERGER (coated hollow point) in 105 gr (6,8 g)

- NORMA ORYX in 100 gr (6,5 g)

- NOSLER BST in 95 gr (6,2 g)

The 6XC round

The twist for the new cartridge is the same as with the 6 mm BR, 1:8. All bullets below 115 gr will be perfectly stabilized in every case.

The Norma R&D department made some changes concerning the barrel measurements. The lands are 6,00 mm compared to 6,02 mm for the BR and the groves are 6,20 instead of 6,18 mm. 

The Norma engineers used Bartlein barrels, but any barrel of good quality will work. They reached the best velocity with 204 and URP loads, but the best accuracy came out of 203B.

Norma provides data and info about it’s factory loads and also useful hints for reloaders on it’s website.