Hornady 2013 New Products

Hornady presented at 2013 IWA the new Superformance International ammunitions. This news by Hornady are loaded with GMX bullets for the ultimate in performance, regardless of the game: made of gilding metal (95% copper, 5% zinc), retains 95% or more of its original weight for quick, humane kills and delivers deep penetration with less damage to the game’s meat. Superformance International features quality brass. Each case is manifactured to offer reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, hardnessand dimensional consistency. Superformance propellants are the driving force behind the unmatched performance of these cartridges: high speeds, without increased recoil and safe for use. This ammunitions are available in this calibers: 222 Rem, 243 Win, 6.5x55, 270 Win. 7x64, 7x 65, 7 mm rem Mag, 308 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 300 Win Mag, 8x57 JS (IS), 8x57 JRS (IRS), 9.3x62 and 9.3x74R.

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