GAMO Zombie Tracker

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GAMO Zombie Tracker
The GAMO "Zombie Tracker" pellets are available in 0.51gr. 4.5mm caliber only, and come in 125-pcs tins

Okay, okay... some of you may actually be tired of the "bring out the un-dead" thing that's been around in the guns world for a couple of years now... personally we think it's funny, but frankly others may start to think that it's getting long in the tooth.
Nevermind the fact that the "Zombie" hype saw the launch on the international market of arms and paraphernalia of a bunch of fluorescent-green-themed products, from guns themselves to accessories, ammunition, and so on...

One of the latest companies to jump on the bandwagon is GAMO Outdoor, one of the global market leaders in the field of airguns and related ammunition and accessories. At least this has some degree of originality... who on Earth has ever considered bringing down "Zack" with an air rifle? Well, appearently with GAMO you can, and not just because the Spanish-based company offers some of the world's most powerful, accurate and effective air pistols, sub-machineguns and rifles available to sports shooters out there... now, GAMO gives you the right ammunition too!

GAMO Zombie Tracker
The mushroom-shaped "Zombie Tracker" pellets feature a glow-in-the-dark polymer tip that also dubs as an expansion initiator

As abstruse as they may look like, the GAMO Zombie Tracker pellets do have a reason to exist in the real world though.

The Zombie Tracker mushroom-shaped ("Diabolo") are part of the GAMO's line of high-performance 4.5mm (.177) caliber lead pellets, and are specifically conceived in all their features − from materials to overall weight, from the aerodynamic factors to the tip design and structure − to provide the best performance in both low-yield (<7.5J muzzle energy) and high-power (>7.5J energy) airguns, particularly when it comes to target shooting competitions and hunting.

Even in these jurisdictions where hunting with airguns is not allowed by law − that's the case for most of continental Europe − such a line of high-power pellets may turn handy for activities generally not openly restricted by law, or about which restrictions are not openly enforced, i.e. killing of small rodents and other pests in private properties and at reasonable distances from inhabited places or high-traffic roads where said activities may cause a disturbance.

GAMO's Zombie Tracker pellets have an overall weight of 0.51g. (7.8gr.), and their main structure is 100% made out of solid lead. A diamond-shaped polymer tip is inserted in the hollow point of the pellet; it will act as an expansion initiator upon impact with soft tissues, causing devastating damage and ensuring a clean, fast kill.

GAMO Zombie line
The GAMO "Zombie" line also includes a single-shot carbine, available in 4.5mm and 5.5mm calibers, and a line of training tarkets!

The polymer tip on the GAMO Zombie Tracker pellets is composed of a fluorescent material that will glow in the dark in a greenish color. When shooting in low environmental light condition, the GAMO Zombie Tracker pellets will thus act as (very low-power, indeed) tracers to direct the following shots at, of course still at typical airgun shooting distances.

The GAMO Zombie Tracker pellets are already on sale through the international GAMO distribution network; price may vary from Country to Country, but the average street price ranges around 15.00€ in Europe and 15.95US$ in the United States for a 150-pieces tin.

The Zombie Tracker pellets are part of the GAMO's "Zombie"-themed product line, which includes a 4.5mm and 5.5mm single-shot carbine, available in both low-power and high-power variants, and a series of sticky training targets.

They are also part of the extensive GAMO line of high-grade airgun pellets, to which avid airgun shooters should definitely give a look and a try, as it features many excellent designs and offers a number of alternative for all airgun shooting practices and for all sportsmen, from target competition shooters to hunters.

The "Zombie Tracker" pellets are part of the extensive GAMO line of airgun ammunition for all needs and purposes! Check them all out in this presentational video!

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