Cartridge portrait: RWS R50 – There is no way around this rimfire ammo if you want to win

If you are a sport shooter and shoot with rimfire guns, you are certainly no stranger to the RWS R50 cartridge. Developed as early as 1939, the cartridge has been celebrating success worldwide for decades and is ideal for competitions that require the highest accuracy: in addition to the classic rimfire rifle disciplines, also for benchrest or for free pistol.

Besides the RWS video above, we want to share a few facts about this successful cartridge that may be new to you:

For example, did you know about the RWS R50...

RWS R50: 2.6 g (40 grains) lead bullet, v0 330 m/s (barrel length: 65 cm).

...THAT for each lot only components coming from a single batch of material and only from the manufacturing shift of one machine are used, so that a lot of R50 cartridges never exceeds 30,000 rounds? Notwithstanding, the manufacturer takes care to ensure that every single lot of cartridges is barely measurably different from the next. Nevertheless, minimal differences do occur, which from the respective barrel or firearm produce different performance and groupings. Accordingly, top shooters conduct ammo tests with their own guns. As signs of wear and material changes take place on the gun over time, these professionals only stock up on about a year's worth of ammunition, so that they can always compete with "fresh" ammunition and the best possible equipment setup for each competition season.

...THAT the manufacturer RUAG Ammotec makes everything except the propellant and the cardboard packaging in-house at the Fürth production site in Germany from raw materials? Here's what the manufacturer has to say about it: "We manufacture the bullets from lead ingots, the cases from brass strips, and we even inject the plastic grids for the cartridges from granules on our own machines. We even mix the high-explosive primer ourselves. Our more than 100 years of experience guarantees the absolutely reliable function and perfectly tuned ballistics of every single cartridge."

...THAT you can also take your RWS R50 cartridges out of the RWS nostalgia tin box? It is made of sturdy sheet metal and has rounded corners. It features the original design of the legendary R50 rimfire cartridges from 1939 on the outside and is silver coated on the inside – by the way, you can also buy the nostalgia tin filled with ten 50-round R50 packs in the same design from your specialist dealer.

The new RWS R50 packaging
The new RWS R50 packaging (50 cartridges).
RWS R50 nostalgia tin box open
"75 years RWS R50": the RWS nostalgia tin box – also available filled.

The RWS R50 from the RWS Premium Line at a glance

  • The rimfire cartridge of the world's shooting elite
  • Unparalleled accuracy, consistent velocity and reliability through specially tuned manufacturing processes
  • Each lot is checked and tested several times for ballistics, gas pressure and grouping
  • Lots after lots with matching components
  • Ideal for rimfire match rifle, benchrest and free pistol disciplines
  • Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
  • Lead bullet, 2.6 g (40 grs), v0 330 m/s (barrel length: 65 cm)

The RWS test shooting range in Fürth

The perfect interaction of ammunition and rifle is crucial for success. At the RWS test shooting range in Fürth, sport shooters will find the best conditions for matching their competition rifle with various ammunition lots. A total of five lanes with target retrieval systems and state-of-the-art electronic targeting displays are available for shooting at distances of 10, 15, 25 and 50 m with clamped barrels, free from the effects of weather. The trained specialist personnel supervise the tests and are also on hand to provide advice and assistance. The ammunition is already included in the small user fee. In the rimfire shooting range you can test the RWS R50, R100 and Special Match grades, the P25 Rapid Fire and Special Match SR pistol cartridges and, at 10 meters, the RWS R10 Match diabolo pellets (both weight classes).
It is best if the customer comes along to the shooting range in person with his/her firearms and accompanies the entire process. To do so a prior appointment is a must. 

How does the order processing work? At the test shooting range the customer is required to produce a valid firearm certificate and a confirmed order from his/her dealer to prove that the he/she is a customer or dealer. The dealer is charged for the range fee per firearm and the goods to be delivered in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Sale.

All information about the RWS test shooting range can be found here

You can download the 40-page brochure "RWS rimfire and air gun cartridges" as a PDF file here.

What happens if lead in ammunition is banned in the EU?

We are dealing with a "horror scenario" for sport shooters as well as industry and trade. According to the latest plans of the EU Commission, the coming ban on lead in ammunition will also extend to indoor use. If we look at the material and the design process of the RWS R10 Match here, it is no exaggeration to say that this would be the end of top-level sport and Olympic disciplines for sport shooters. Of course, the same is true for all other manufacturers. The documentation of tests with lead-free rimfire ammunition linked here shows the dramatic effects of a lead ban in ammunition on accuracy.

Dear sport shooters: the ban on lead does not only affect hunters, as many think.

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