With the Competition and the Special Match, RWS introduces two new cartridges for biathlon in .22 LR caliber

Biathlon – an exciting winter sport that fascinates many fans and spectators. Just as hard as the athletes, guns and ammunition are challenged. RWS now offers two new loads for this demanding discipline. According to the manufacturer, the Biathlon Competition version is even claimed to set a new benchmark in terms of accuracy – the slightly cheaper Biathlon Special Match rimfire ammunition is intended for training and competition. The improved flight characteristics of the bullet, in particular, are claimed to provide for the extra accuracy in both variants.

New biathlon cartridges from RWS – Technical specs

Both ammunition types are based on the standard bullet weight of 2.6 grams/40 grains. Particular attention was paid to maintaining constant muzzle velocities of around 320 m/s, even at low outside temperatures of down to -20 degrees Celsius. For this purpose, RWS developed the cartridges in a cooling environment at temperatures as low as -20° C. This ensures accuracy and reliability even under the most extreme competition conditions. In addition, both loads feature lead-free primers, designed to reduce the lead pollution in the ambient air. The bullets are high-precision lead bullets.

The RWS Biathlon Competition ammunition in accuracy comparison

Grouping of the RWS Biathlon Competition. Measured at below -20° Celsius. Xq=17.56
Grouping of a main competitor. Measured at below -20° Celsius. Xq=22.96

The advantages of the new RWS loads for biathlon:

RWS Biathlon "Competition"

  • RWS wants to set new accuracy standards for biathletes with this special rimfire ammunition.
  • Highest accuracy and consistency is ensured by unique production processes, according to the manufacturer.
  • Each lot of these new rimfire match cartridges is fully checked.
  • The ammunition offers an absolutely consistent bullet velocity. Under all conditions, especially in cold weather.

RWS Biathlon "Special Match"

  • This version also has match quality and was developed especially for biathletes.
  • This load is suitable for both training and competition.
  • This ammunition achieves its accuracy and consistency through unique production processes.
Biathlon Competition 
Biathlon Special Match 
.22 LR.22 LR
Bullet weight (g/gr):
2.6/ 40
2.6/ 40
v0 (m/sec):
E0 (J):
Pack content (pcs):

1 Lead Round Nose

Further information on RWS rimfire ammo can be found at www.rws-munition.de

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