Swab-Its Bore-Tips

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Swab-Its Bore Tips
The Bore-Tips are sold in six-piece small plastic bags

The manufacturing company for this product is headquartered in the U.S. town of Springfield, Massachussets... it must have a meaning. Okay, nowadays the State of Massachussets is plagued by some of the strictest anti-gun laws in the entire United States, but the town of Springfield has always been a historically significative center for American gunmaking!

Swab-Its is a registered trademark owned by Super Brush LLC., a company that's been working for several decades in the foam tampons industry; the high-technology foam tampons produced by the Super Brush LLC. company are employed in a plethora of sectors and purposes, from medical to electronics; the Gun-Tips and Bore-Tips, specifically conceived for firearms cleaning, are one of the company's most recent developments.

The shape and geometry of the Gun-Tips and Bore-Tips foam tampons will vary according to various factors. More specifically, the Gun-Tips are conceived to clean efficiently some of the hardest-to-reach parts of your guns, from trigger assemblies to slide rails and magazine wells, while the Bore-Tips have specifically been conceived for barrel and bore cleaning, and are available in several dimensions according to the caliber of the barrel they're supposed to be used on.

You may think of them as large-size cotton swabs of some sorts, only they use a synthetic foam rather than cotton, featuring superior absorption capacity; the synthetic foam will also resist to most, if not all, of the gun cleaning products, lubricants and solvents currently available on the commercial market.

Swab-Its Bore Tips
The Bore-Tips are available for all the most popular pistol and rifle caliber barrels

The structure of the Gun-Tips and Bore-Tips allows after-use wash for indefinite re-use, and their compact synthetic foam structure will not leave traces or residues, unlike the most commonly used swabs and patches.

Particularly, the Bore-Tips will expand upon insertion in the bore, so that every section is reached and uniformely cleaned; they'll also prevent solvents and lubricants to spray out of the muzzle and contaminate or get dirty whatever is around − a typical inconvenient of standard bore brushes.

The Swab-Its products are available worldwide; their street price tops up 4.99US$/7.00€ for a six-pack, which may seem high, but keep in mind that they can be reused multiple times, unlike traditional patches, tips and jags. They can also be purchased online, if you're too lazy to take a walk to your local retailer...