SureFire E2D LED Defender Ultra

SureFire E2D LED "Defender Ultra"
Featuring a tactical runtime of approximately 2 hours, the SureFire E2D LED "Defender Ultra" feeds through two CR123A batteries

New for 2013 from SureFire, the E2D LED "Defender Ultra" is a compact 500-lumen flashlight featuring dual-output capability and self-defense enhancements. Utilizing a virtually indestructible high-performance LED and a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, the E2D LED "Defender Ultra" flashlight is activated with a pushbutton tailcap click switch that also selects output levels: press or click once for a high-intensity 500-lumen white-light beam—ten times the light needed to overwhelm the night-adapted vision of an aggressor. Return to off and press or click again within two seconds for a 5-lumen ultra-long runtime low beam that's suitable for navigating at night or performing close-up tasks for hours. The crenellated strike bezel provides further defensive options should the need arise. Slender and powerful, the E2D LED "Defender Ultra" is an ideal everyday-carry light.

SureFire E2D LED "Defender Ultra"
At merely 4.2 ounces without batteries, the E2D LED "Defender Ultra" flashlight is lightweight, compact and comfortable to be carried everywhere

Other features of the SureFire E2D LED "Defender Ultra" pocket flashlight include a virtually indestructible LED emitter, regulated to maximize output and runtime and equipped with a TIR lens that produces a tight beam with enough surround light to grant optimal peripheral vision. The coated tempered window resists impact while still maximizing the light, while the Mil-Spec hard-anodized, high-strenght aerospace aluminium body with a weatherproof O-Ring and gasket sealing grants extreme durability. The dual-output tailcap click switch allows a momentary on-high output of 500 lumens (2.25 hrs runtime) or a variable low ranging from five to fifteen lumens, whose runtime may vary from 2.25 to 67.75 hours. The SureFire E2D LED "Defender Ultra" flashlight comes equipped with a reversible belt clip and two high-energy CR123A batteries with 10-years shelf life, and fits the SureFire proprietary V91 holster in the head-up position. Launched at the latest NRA Show, the SureFire E2D LED "Defender Ultra" flashlight will soon be distributed worldwide. No informations concerning a suggested retail price have been released so far.