Stark Equipment SE-5 ExpressGrip

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Stark Equipment SE-5 ExpressGrip
Made out of sturdy polymer, the SE-5 ExpressGrip will attach to any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail

Whoever follows the world of tactical firearms, accessories and shooting will know that the standard operation techniques for modern sporting rifles (these being, these semi-automatic, civilian grade rifles and carbines aesthetically patterned after military-issue firearms) and service weapons have changed in the past years, due to many lessons learned in about a decade of harsh conflicts between Western forces and local insurgents in the Middle East. More specifically, a plethora of new fighting and gun handling techniques have been developed − some more effective and useful than others − mostly focusing upon the correct use of the AR-15 type rifles and carbines. Depending on the "School of thought", there will be different doctrines concerning how forward on the handguard the weak hand should be placed, which angle should the hand take, and whether or not a foregrip is to be deemed useful. More specifically, some handling and combat techniques that closely resemble these employed by 3-Gun shooters may actually be superior in stabilizing the gun during rapid-fire, but will result uncomfortable to practice for many shooters, while some others may argue that they'll require the operator to maintain the weak hand too forward, exposing a wider portion of his/her body to incoming enemy fire.

Stark Equipment SE-5 ExpressGrip
Thanks to its peculiar angle, the SE-5 ExpressGrip provides an excellent compromise between the various shooting techniques developed for tactical rifles in the last years

A solution that provides "the best of both words" − that being, the superior stability of a forward hand grip with the convenience, comfort and somewhat superior cover of a vertical accessory foregrip − comes now from the Stark Equipment Corporation, a well-known US-based manufacturer of ergonomic, synthetic furniture for AR15-based rifles and carbines. The Stark Equipment Corp. is already reknown for its SE-1 pistol grip, first seen on the Mossberg's MMR tactical-style semi-automatic rifles, and later widely adopted by countless civilian shooters worldwide. Last January, at the 2013 edition of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the Stark Equipment Corp. showcased the latest brainchild of the company's R&D team; dubbed the SE-5 ExpressGrip, it was one of the most interesting and sought-after aftermarket accessories to be showcased at the Show this year. The shooters and professional operators community in the United States, in Europe and elsewhere in the world, has been longing to get ahold on the SE-5 ExpressGrip ever since. Now, after so many long months of wait, the SE-5 is available for purchase.

Stark Equipment SE-5 ExpressGrip
The Stark SE-5 ExpressGrip is available in a wide array of different colors: black, grey, dark earth, foliage green and Multicam

The Stark Equipment Corp. SE-5 ExpressGrip is specifically designed for shooters who train and operate with the support hand well forward on the hand guard or rails. The further forward the weapon is gripped the easier it is to manage recoil. This unique design allows the shooter to move, or “drive” the gun from target to target or engage a moving target more efficiently.

This grip allows the shooter’s shoulders to remain squared up, with elbows in and thumbs forward while driving the gun toward the threat for increased accuracy during dynamic situations. The Express Grip allows the users forearm and hand to remain in a more natural position whether held extended and on-target or at the low ready position. This allows the forward hand and forearm to assume a “radically normal” position, providing ease of movement, comfort and quicker action than any other grip.

Stark Equipment SE-5 ExpressGrip
The SE-5 ExpressGrip has something else going for it: it truly sells at a budget price!

Coated in ArmorSoft™, the Stark Equipment Corp. SE-5 ExpressGrip is incredibly comfortable – in sharp contrast to most of the vertical accessory foregrips out there; actually, it's comfortable enough to hold in position during long waiting periods, whether in a dynamic situation, in a long hunting day, in a 3-Gun competition, or simply at the range when squeezing a few shots just for the sake of it. Other than just providing fully-textued surfaces for a reliable grip, the ArmorSoft™ coating will resist to extreme weather conditions, chemical exposure, and abuse. The SE-5 ExpressGrip is also hollow, and features a grip-plug on the heel, allowing the owner to access the cavity to be used as a storage.

Last, but not least... we all know that the current global economic situation isn't exactly the best we may hope for, and this can be a real pain for shooters – sports shooting can be quite an expensive hobby. However, selling at a retail price of US$29.95 on the Stark Equipment Corp. own web-shop, the SE-5 ExpressGrip remains totally affordable – definitely a must-have for all modern sporting rifle owners. Be advised, though: the Stark Equipment Corp. won't ship outside of the United States, so non-US perspective buyers should find a way around to export it from the United States, or purchase through another seller, or even better, wait for official distribution to start in their Country.