Safariland 7TS holsters series

Safariland 7TS holsters series
Constructed from "SafariSeven", a proprietary Nylon blend, these holsters are practically impervious to the elements

Established in 1964 and headquartered in Ontario, California, the Safariland Group has earned worldwide renown and a leadership position in the industry for its technologically advanced holsters and other gear to the law enforcement, military, concealment and competitive sporting markets. Safariland holsters, belts and accessories provide users with high-quality tools to perform their jobs safely and effectively. Safariland is credited for developing the first Level III retention holster for the uniformed duty market. Safariland also owns the Bianchi product brand of premiere leather holsters for open and concealed carry, and for mid-year 2013, the company announced the launch of a new, innovative line of tactical holsters.

Safariland 7TS holsters series
A quick-release system is available for the 7TS series holsters

Dubbed the 7TS, this next generation injection-molded holster design is constructed of SafariSeven material, a proprietary Nylon blend from DuPont that is completely non-abrasive to the weapon’s finish. Virtually impervious to weather extremes, the 7TS holsters are operationally and structurally cold tolerant to at least -50°F and heat tolerant to at least 300°F.

« Safariland has always been the leader in innovation,» said James Dawson, Category Director Safariland Duty Gear. « And this new series continues to push the boundaries of holster design and function. After numerous extreme condition tests and intense impact testing, the Safariland Research and Development team was able to draw from the holster smoothly and easily as if it had just been removed from its packaging.»

Safariland 7TS holsters series
Raised stand-off surfaces in interior of holster creates air space around the weapon allowing dirt and moisture to quickly clear any contact with the firearm

Adding to its numerous features and functionality, the 7TS line was engineered to ensure strength and rigidity by incorporating certain “corrugated” patterns into the holster’s interior. This design also features built-in “risers” inside the holster specifically to ensure minimal contact of the weapon while in the holster, creating air space around it, allowing dirt and moisture to quickly clear any contact with the firearm. Since the SafariSeven material is Nylon only, and does not contain any other filler material, the holster actually becomes stronger in water, and can be submerged in water indefinitely and still maintain shape and function. And finally, the matte finish decreases reflection and can be cleared of scratches with a simple scouring pad. Initial models offered consist of three concealment holsters and two tactical thigh rigs. These 7TS holsters incorporate the proven ALS internal retention system, which provides excellent weapon retention and offers an ergonomic, simple straight up draw once the release is deactivated. These models are compatible with all Safariland holster mounting options.

All Safariland 7TS holsters are available in the SafariSeven Plain Black or FDE Brown finish and are currently offered in two fits for the Beretta 92 and Glock 17/22. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for the Safariland 7TS holsters line in the United States are as follow:

  • 7377 - ALS® Open Top Concealment Belt Slide Holster:  $45.50
  • 7378 - ALS® Open Top Concealment Paddle Holster: $52.00
  • 7379 -  ALS® Open Top Concealment Belt Clip Holster: $45.50
  • 7384 -  ALS® Open Top Tactical Holster: $139.50
  • 7385 - ALS® Open Top Tactical Holster w/Quick Release Leg Strap: $149.50

Much like all other Safariland products, the new 7TS holsters line is available in all Countries served by the international Safariland distribution network. If you live outside of the United States, you can search the Safariland website for your national distributors or local retailers to inquire about the products of your choice and to place orders.