New Safariland and Bianchi holsters for fall 2013

Bianchi model 135 "Allusion Suppression"
Bianchi's popular 153 "Suppression" model will be available for Smith & Wesson M&P "Shield" pistols

Established in 1964, the Safariland Group has earned worldwide renown and a leadership position in the industry for its technologically advanced holsters and other gear to the law enforcement, military, concealment and competitive sporting markets. Safariland holsters, belts and accessories − also marketed under various Safariland Group brands such as Bianchi, PRO-TECH, Hatch and many others − provide users with high-quality tools to perform their jobs safely and effectively. Safariland is credited for developing the first Level III retention holster for the uniformed duty market. With a reputation for "Innovation, not imitation", the Safariland Group continues its position as the worldwide leader in retention holsters, and as a matter of fact, three new holsters have recently been announced as new entries in the Safariland and Bianchi lines, specifically designed for both concealed and open carry of the most popular modern subcompact defensive pistols available on the market today.

Safariland 5198 "Open Top"
Another popular Safariland holster now available for subcompact pistols is the 5198 "Open Top" paddle-belt loop combo concealed model

First of all, new from the Bianchi line are two popular concealment models now fitting the Smith & Wesson's M&P "Shield" subcompact pistols. offering both outside-the-waistband and inside-the-waistband options for this popular handgun. The Model 75 Venom™ leather belt slide model features a contour-molded front and flat back for a slim profile on the belt. The Allusion™ Series Model 135 Suppression™ is a tuckable IWB holster offering excellent comfort and concealability.

Both models are made of premium, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, with precise molding for fit and function. The Model 75 Venom features an open muzzle design and the rear belt slot pulls the holster close to the body for close-to-the-torso concealability. The Model 135 Suppression Allusion Series holster features a leather exterior which is wrapped and laminated around a thermal-molded synthetic core. This provides for an extremely smooth draw, superb fit and long-lasting wear. This patent-pending design features unique C-clips that curve around the belt minimizing their visibility on the front of the belt when worn with a tucked-in shirt. Comfort is enhanced with a body-facing holster liner composed of soft foam covered with an anti-microbial mesh coating to reduce bacteria growth and odor. Both models are available now and offered in a plain finish, black and tan; the Model 75 Venom belt slide holster will sell at an MSRP of $62.00, while the 135 Allusion Suppression will sell at an MSRP of $74.00 in the United States.

Safariland 5195 "Range Series"
Safariland's "Range Series" will also be perfect for those who prefer open carry

Three additional fits have also been added to the popular 5198 Open Top Concealment Holster line. Ideal for concealment and range use, the latest offerings now available are for the popular Ruger LC9, Springfield XD-S and the Smith & Wesson's M&P "Shield" compact handguns.

The 5198 Open Top Concealment holster is compact and lightweight with low cut sides for ease of draw and added comfort. The trigger guard detent and adjustable tension device help secure the gun in the holster during rigorous activity while the durable SafariLaminate™ construction helps resist scratches. The 5198 features an injection-molded paddle offering a comfortable, close-to-the-body fit and allows for easy placement and removal on the waist with no belt necessary. Along with the paddle, also included in the package is an injection-molded belt loop, fitting belt widths from 1.5” (38 mm) to 1.75” (45 mm). MSRP is $39.00 in the United States.

Same new fits have also been added to the Range Series, one of its newest holster collections, developed for rugged use on the range, whether by competition shooters, range instructors or shooting enthusiasts. The 5195, specifically designed for female torsos, features an offset belt loop ensuring the user an easy, straight up draw. The key feature of the 5197 is a soft, laminate belt loop, that allows for a close ride on the hip and helps to eliminate common belt bulging found with hard belt loops. Both holsters are built with a trigger guard detent and adjustable tension device, which helps secure the gun in the holster during rigorous activity. The Range Series holsters feature durable SafariLaminate™ wraparound construction with a rugged STX finish that helps resist scratches; available now in Black, FDE Brown, OD and Foliage Green. MSRP for the new Range Series models vary from $34.00 for the "Mid Ride" variant to $39.00 for the "Low Ride" variant.