OTIS Technologyʼs

OTIS Technology color-coded wire brushes
Each core wide color in OTIS Technology brushes will match a specific caliber or range of calibers, as explained by this chart

OTIS Technology, the leading manufacturer of gun cleaning systems and accessories, has recently announced an in-line change to its series of brushes, widely sold worldwide as stand-alone instruments for gun cleaning and maintenance as well as included in most, if not all, of its kits, in order to increase the ease of use for customers.

The OTIS bore brushes will be not just be roll-stamped with the brush number to match their specific gauge: they will now also feature a color-coded core wire in seven different colors, each corresponding to a specific brush size: brass, black, red mud, clay, moss, dirt, and forest.

The superior construction and engineering incorporated into the 100% US-manufactured OTIS brushes offers a service life that has been field-proved to outlast the most direct competitors, and precision threads with no weak undercut. They also feature a Tufcor® proprietary core wire that is corrosive-resistant, has a tighter twist for better bristle retention, and can be used with all firearm cleaning chemicals. OTIS Technology's premium bore brushes feature twice the fill as other brushes, their stem is cold welded to the core, and the brushes are filled to the end.

All OTIS Cleaning Systems come complete with a brush chart that lists which size barrels each brush will clean; the chart will now also list the colors that correspond to the specific brush sizes.

Otis Technology is known for manufacturing the most advanced gun cleaning systems available on the market today; their superior Breech-to-Muzzle® design combined with unmatched quality has positioned OTIS as the gun care system of choice with the US Military, as well as one of the most widely known and widespread between civilian gun owners, sports and competition shooters, and hunters alike.