OTIS Technology “Tactical Pink”

OTIS Technology "Tactical Pink"
In a practical, pocket package, the “Tactical Pink” contains everything needed for ordinary gun cleaning

OTIS Technology, headquartered in Lyons Falls (NY) is an undisputed global leader in accessories and kits for field maintenance and cleaning of all firearms, be them sporting guns, hunting rifles and shotguns, service or defensive pistols, or assault rifles and light machineguns fielded on the line of duty by law enforcement personnel and front-line military units. What made OTIS so great, though, is not their vast choice of armory depot-level kits or solvents, but their line of pocket cleaning kits sold basically everywhere in the world. Coming in small, round zipped pouches, OTISʼ cleaning kits provide all the essentials for gun cleaning at a reasonable price, and can be carried in a pocket, allowing all shooters and hunters to clean their pistols, rifles and shotguns even on the field or at the range should the need arise. As the years went by, OTISʼ cleaning kits were distributed in an array of variations, but none of them ever lacked the necessities; and that's exactly what made them so popular!

OTIS Technology "Tactical Pink"
The OTIS Technology “Tactical Pink” kit is a practical, dedicated alternative for female shooters

The new version of OTISʼ signature cleaning kit, geared towards female hunters and shooters, was introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show last January in Las Vegas (NV, USA). Dubbed the “Tactical Pink” − a small, zipped black soft-sided pouch with pink accents and belt loops − this all-in-one kit features all the OTIS' patented Breech-To-Muzzle cleaning components, covering awide range of calibers including .22, .270, .30, .38 and .45 plus 12 gauge, thus being quite ideal for hunt and sports shooting alike. The OTIS “Tactical Pink" kit includes patches and bore brushes, varying length cables for pulling patches and brushes through the barrel, a T-handle with obstruction removal tool, a pink chamber flag − whose use is mandatory to show an empty gun in many shooting ranges − and a 5 oz. tube of OTIS O-85 UltraBore cleaning solvent. The “Tactical Pink” kit is already available for online purchase through the OTIS Technology website, and retails at about US$59.99, shipment not included.