Moisture Muncher

Moisture Muncher
The “Moisture Muncher” tablets are sold in 10-pieces bags or packs

Modern shooting sports, especially certain disciplines such as long-range competitions, feature an ever-increasing presence of ancillary electronics: cameras, rangefinders, electronic gunsights, even laptops, extremely complex and expensive devices, sometimes even just as expensive and important as the gun used at the range, that need to be protected from a wide array of natural factors, especially humidity. A range day under the rain or otherwise any bad weather can be just enough to damage our “shooting electronics”; yet, today a company called SeaLife Cameras (a division of Pioneer Research), longtime active in underwater camera equipments and thus fond in the art of moisture protection, offers a new, reliable, natural and cheap solution to this problem.

Moisture Muncher
The silica gel-based “Moisture Muncher” tablets remain effective until their color shifts from blue to pink

The “Moisture Muncher” is a silica gel product that comes in form of small plastic-packed cylinders of a colloidal blue solution, sold in bags containing ten pieces each. The “Moisture Muncher” silica gel formula is much more effective than the typical dessiccant pouches normally found in packages containing electronics, perishable goods and similar. Their shape and dimension allows comfortable fit inside a carry bag, a box, or even inside your electronics themselves if them feature an airtight shell or a chassis that can be open; in fact, using the “Moisture Muncher” inside the electronics itself will provide better results. The “Moisture Muncher” formula can absorb up to 20% its weight in humidity and fog, making them exponentially more effective than any other dessiccant on the market. Once again, best results are achieved when used inside an airtight container.

Moisture Muncher
The “Moisture Muncher” tablets are best used inside your optics' chassis or airtight shell

The “Moisture Muncher” compound features a reagent that makes the tablet turn from blue to pink when its absorption capacity is exhausted; tablets can then either be disposed of or “reactivated” for reuse by dessiccating them in a classic oven not exceeding 93°C/200°F until color turns blue again (reactivation can only be done twice, and using a microwave, a toaster or any other device than a standard oven for the procedure, or exceeding the limit temperature will make “Moisture Muncher” burn or melt, so never leave the tablets unattended during reactivation!). “Moisture Muncher” tablets are sold on the manufacturer's website, going for 9,95$ for a 10-pieces pack.

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