Frankford Arsenal

Frankford Arsenal “EZ Sonic Cleaner”
The EZ Sonic Cleaner features good cleaning power in moderate sized capacities

New for 2012 from Battenfeld Technologies Inc., the leader American brand in gun care and shooting supplies, are two ultrasonic cleaners sold under the historic brand of “Frankford Arsenal”, Battenfeld's top line of reloading tools. Frankford Arsenalʼs new ultrasonic cleaners combine high-quality with affordability to deliver state of the art cleaning power for both brass and gun parts. High frequency ultrasonic agitation quickly and quietly cleans the exterior and interior of brass without a mess, even breaking down the stubborn carbon build up found in primer pockets. The Frankford Arsenal line thus now includes two different ultrasonic cleaner models: the EZ Sonic Cleaner and the Extreme Sonic Cleaner (originally introduced as the “Magnum Sonic Cleaner”).

Frankford Arsenal “Extreme Sonic Cleaner”
The Extreme Sonic Cleaner takes has all the features of the EZ Sonic Cleaner, plus increased capacity, heating and timer functions

The EZ Sonic cleaner is the smallest of the two sonic cleaners offered by the Frankford Arsenal, and its compact size makes it perfect for the average shooter and handy enough to be carried everywhere itʼs needed.

The EZ Sonic Cleaner has a tank size of  5.8” x 4.8” x 1.9”, giving it a capacity of  .75L. It is capable of cleaning approximately 125 pieces of .223 brass per batch. The EZ Sonic Cleaner is a 30 watt unit at 42KHz.

The Extreme Sonic Cleaner has a tank size of  7.7” x 6.5” x 2.6”, giving it a capacity of  2L.  It is capable of cleaning approximately 350 pieces of .223 brass per batch. The Magnum Sonic Cleaner provides added cleaning power with a heating function and offers a digital display and time controls. The Extreme Sonic Cleaner is a 100 watt unit at 42KHz. Both models include removable baskets for convenient draining.

Frankford Arsenal cleaning solutions
The #878787 and #898989 cleaning solutions are best used respectively for brass and gun parts

The EZ Sonic Cleaner is currently being offered on the US retail market at an MSRP of 76,99 US$, while the MSRP for the Extreme Sonic Cleaner reaches 161,99 US$.

Both models have proved to be excellent for cleaning not just brass and spent cases, but also for a thorough cleaning of moving gun parts, such as slides, barrels, hammers, and others. Battenfeld Technologies Inc. offers two specialized cleaning solutions to help customers in getting the best from their new Frankford Arsenal sonic cleaners according to the use: the “Brass Cleaning Solution” is designed specifically for cases, and has been scientifically formulated to quickly remove carbon buildup, tarnish and oxidation, yet remaining strong enough to be used for multiple cleaning cycles before having to mix new solution up; the “Parts cleaning solution” has been designed specifically for miscellaneous parts (pistol barrels, gas pistons, trigger groups, and more). Both are sold in 32oz. bottles, with a 40:1 mix ratio, and going for an MSRP of 19,99 US$ on the US retail market.

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