MTM RAD series

MTM Special OPS
The watchʼs face MTM Silver RAD: highlight the analog hands of tritium and the digital counter radiation

MTM, known American company specialized in the production of watches and tactical military, reaffirms its international competitiveness by focusing on technological innovation and design, characteristics essential to compete in today's globalized market.

With the RAD series of military watches, MTM brings to market an innovative product, sturdy and stylish. The series MTM RAD have a counter for the detection of ionizing radiation harmful: the RAD has integrated the Geiger-Müller detector, measuring dose levels of gamma rays, and cumulative exposure.

This detector measures tracks equivalent dose of 0001-9999 millisievert (mSv) and the equivalent dose of up to 4000 microsieverts per hour (Sv / h). Users can set their maximum threshold radiation up to 9999 mSv, and an alarm will sound when this level (the default user) has been reached. 

The radiation levels are displayed graphically and can also be displayed on the digital display clock MTM RAD, which can be switched between the rate of equivalent dose, cumulative dose and exposure time. The time is displayed by hands (hour, minute and socondi) tritium analog and digital display is backlit EL. The RAD MTM is obviously feet/100 water resistant to 330 meters and is powered by a lithium battery with a long life. The strength of the MTM RAD is guaranteed from the case and bracelet titanium, ultra-durable material.

The series of watches MTM RAD are aimed at all professionals in the military, and those who wish to have a different orolgogio with new features and elegant design.

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